by Capt A T Mahan, USN
Originally published in 1900 by Sampson, Low, Marston and Company


Chapter I - The Theatre Of The War
Chapter II - The Opening Campaign In Natal To The Investment Of Ladysmith (October 11—November 2)
Chapter III - The Colonies And The Transports
Chapter IV - The Western Frontier To Magersfontein And Stormberg. Operations Of General French About Colesberg
Chapter V - The Natal Campaign From The Investment Of Ladysmith Through The Battle Of Colenso
Chapter VI - The Natal Campaign. British Prepare For A Flanking Attack Upon The Boers' Right At The Tugela. The Boer Assault On Ladysmith, January 6th
Chapter VII - Natal Campaign. The Unsuccessful British Attempts To Turn The Boers' Right Flank At Spion Kop And At Vaal Krantz
Chapter VIII - The Relief Of Kimberley And Of Ladysmith, And The Surrender Of Cronje


A T Mahan
A T Mahan