Volume II. With Illustrations and Maps
By Sir Mortimer Durand
William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1913


i. Quartermaster-General at the Horse Guards: 1898-1899
ii. The position in South Africa, 1899
iii. Arrival in South Africa
iv. Arrival in Natal
v. The outbreak of war
vi. The contending forces
vii. Talana Hill
viii. Elandslaagte
ix. The retirement from Dundee
x. Rietfontein
xi. Lombard's kop
xii. The investment of Ladysmith
xiii. The siege of Ladysmith — first period
xiv. Siege of Ladysmith — second period
xv. Siege of Ladysmith — third period
xvi. Siege of Ladysmith - fourth and last period
xvii. The meaning of Ladysmith
xviii. Return to England: 1900
xix. Gibraltar: 1900-1905
xx. Governor of Chelsea Hospital
xxi. Last days: 1911-1912