The History of the Regiment from its Foundation. 15th January 1855 to 30th June 1911.

Edited by the Rev John Stalker, MA
P David & Sons, Pietermaritzburg and Durban 1912.


Chapter I.—Volunteering
Chapter II.—Bushman Raid
Chapter III.—Isidoi and Matyana
Chapter IV.—A Zulu War-cloud
Chapter V.—A Basuto Incursion
Chapter VI.—Cetywayo's Coronation
Chapter VII.—Langalibalele, 1873
Chapter VIII.—The Zulu War, 1879
Chapter IX.—The Boer War, 1899-1902 and Boer War diary
Chapter X.—The Native Rebellion, 1906-7
Chapter Annals:—1855—1911 including Rules of the Natal Carbineers
Appendix 1.—Races
Appendix 2.—Shooting Competitions
Appendix 3.—Athletic Sports
Appendix 4.—Cricket
Appendix 5.—Regimental Lists:—
(a)—Officers, 1855-1911
(b)—Muster Roll, of the Natal Carbineers, Boer War, 1899-1902


(see the Natal Carbineers unit page)
Addison, C. B., Lt.-Col
Barter, W. E., Lt.-Col
Baker, W. G
Bond, E., Trooper
Buntine, R. A., Major
Burkimsher, W., R.-S.-Major
Bowen, B., R.-S.-Major ..
Band, Regimental, 1908
Barker, W. W., Trooper
Clough, E. B., Trooper
Crompton, B., Lt.-Col
Currie, O. J., Major
Currie, H. B., Lieut
Erskine, R. H., Trooper
Farmer, F. C, Sergt
Foxon, F. E., Lieut.-Col
Green, Dean
Greene, E. M., Colonel
Gage, W. T., Major
Hyslop, J., Lt.-Col
Helbert, G. H., Capt
Hair, A., Lt.-Col
Kitchener, Lord
Karkloof Troop
Knott, W., R.-S.-Major
Lyle, A., Captain
Langalibalele, Chief
Memorial, Isandhlwana
Memorial, Bushman's Pass
Memorial, Boer War
McKenzie, D., Colonel
Macfarlane, G. J., Lt.-Col
Mackay, D. W., Lt.-Col
Molyneux, W. H. A., R.-S.-Major
Montgomery, J. W. V., Major
Miller, C. E. J. Trooper
Non-Commissioned Officers, 1865
Non-Commissioned Officers, 1879
Non-Commissioned Officers, 1882
Non-Commissioned Officers, 1887
Non-Commissioned Officers, 1907
Officers, Umlaas Camp, 1889
Officers, Reitspruit Camp, 1892
Officers, Balgowan Camp, 1899
Officers, Siege of Ladysmith, 1899
Taylor's Camp, 1905
Colenso Camp, 1909
Colenso Camp, 1911
Owen, T. M., Major
Otto, Pete, Lieut
Park Gray, W., Major
Royston, W., Colonel
Rodwell, C. N. H., Lieut.-Col
St. George, Sir T., Lieut.-Col
Shepstone, "Offy," Capt
Sutherland, P. C, Doctor
Sergeants, 1892
Sergeants, 1894
Shooting Team, 1895
Sergeants, 1898
Shepstone, W. S., Lieut.-Col
Shaw, D., Trooper
Stride, P. W. Captain
Sergeants, Colenso Camp, 1909
Sergeants, Colenso Camp, 1911
Tatham, G. F., Major
Taunton, C. E. Major
Tent Pegging Team , 1909
Townsend, A. C, Major
Weighton, J., Colonel
Woods, J. P. S., Lieut.-Col
Watts, R., Trooper