This war has been productive of many startling surprises and novelties, and among them there has been none more welcome and touching than the extraordinarily kind and liberal manner in which friends in the old country have testified to their remembrance of the soldiers at the front. The joy and the pleasure and the jollity evoked by the arrivals of boxes and bales of presents for the officers and men after the relief of Ladysmith, must have been seen to be truly realized. Unfortunately many of the packages arrived without the name of the kind sender upon them, and it was not possible for the commanding officer to write in the name of the regiment and thank all the donors separately.

The following list has been compiled with as great accuracy as possible, and indulgence is asked for any unavoidable errors and omissions it may contain. The Green Horse now again desire to here subscribe their warmest thanks to their generous benefactors, and to assure them that their kindly sympathy after the long siege of Ladysmith went straight to the hearts of officers and men.

List of Presents of Clothing, etc., made to the Regiment by Various Friends.

From Lady White's Fund.
401 pipes ; 200.5 lbs. of tobacco ; 401 woollen caps; 401 jerseys; 401 scarves; 802 pairs of socks.

From " Daily Telegraph " Fund.
A consignment of wine, whisky, and tinned goods.

From Miss Heneage, the Hon. Adela Heneage, Miss Harter, and Miss Mildred Harter.
Notepaper, envelopes, tooth-brushes, sleeping caps, socks savoury meat, lozenges.

From General Calthorpe, 5th Dragoon Guards.
450 briar pipes; 450 lbs. tobacco.

From Tottenham, per John R. Cornish, Esq.
800 2-oz. tins of tobacco.

From Major Kearsley, late 5th Dragoon Guards.
437 lbs. of tobacco; 13 dozen shirts; 11 dozen pairs of socks; 12 pairs drawers; 9 cushions; 4 sleeping suits; 188 woollen caps; 48 woollen scarves; 4 vests; 25 dozen handkerchiefs; 1 shirt; 58 cardigan vests; papers, books, magazines.

From Lord Rothschild.
12 packs of cards; 4 cricket bats; 2 sets of stumps; 4 sets of leg guards; 2 pairs batting gloves ; 5 cricket balls ; 2 scoring books; 4 footballs; 5 hockey sticks; 2 hockey balls; 50 1-lb. tins of butter; 150 pine-apples; 3 sacks of vegetables; 1 barrel of stout; cheque for £25.

From Mrs. Hoare.
12 shirts; 4 pairs of socks; 3 sleeping caps; 24 handkerchiefs.

From some English Ladies—Names not disclosed.
21 lbs. tobacco; 1330 cigarettes; 4 lbs. cocoa; 7 bottles cider; 30 mufflers; 20 caps; 22 puddings.

From a few Well-wishers in York.
24 tins of tobacco; cigarette maker, cigarettes, pipes.

Through Viscountess Parker.
Flannel and Jaeger Shirts.

Lady Meux........ 150
Captain Matthews, late 5th Dragoon Guards . .126
Miss Hoare........ 48
Captain and Mrs. Leetham, late 5th Dragoon Guards 36
Viscountess Harberton...... 36
Mr. R. T. Jardine....... 26
Mr. St. John Paulet, late 5th Dragoon Guards . . 24
Mrs. Kinnear........ 24
Mrs. Mappin........ 24
Viscountess Parker....... 21
Mrs. Soldi........ 18
Mrs. Wedderburn....... 12
Miss Grace Eustace....... 8
Finchley Baptist Chapel...... g
Mrs. Glossop........6
Mrs. F. Gist........ 4


Earl of Macclesfield, cigarettes (bought with his pocket-money)....... 4000
Mr. Douglas, cigarettes......1000
Major Gist, late 5th Dragoon Guards, cigarettes, 6 large tins
Miss Stocker for "B " squadron, cigarettes, 14 small tins
W. Kelly, late Private 5th Dragoon Guards, cigarettes, 2 small tins
Two friends, 1 box cheroots, 1 of cigarettes.


Captain Purefoy, late 5th Dragoon Guards . .140 pairs
Viscountess Parker....... 80 pairs
Finchley Baptist Chapel...... 58 pairs
Colonel and Mrs. Bowers, late 5th Dragoon Guards . 48 pairs
Mrs. Kinnear........ 47 pairs
Mrs. Mappin........ 42 pairs
Captain and Mrs. Leetham, late 5th Dragoon Guards 50 pairs
Captain Calverly, late 5th Dragoon Guards . . 36 pairs
Mr. R. T. Jardine....... 30 pairs
Mrs. Soldi........ 24 pairs
Viscountess Harberton...... 24 pairs
Mr. St. John Paulet, late 5th Dragoon Guards . . 24 pairs
Mrs. Glossop........ 12 pairs
Miss Grace Eustace....... 12 pairs
Mrs. F. Gist........ 6 pairs
Mrs. Churchyard....... 6 pairs

Viscountess Parker, 6 down pillows.

Pocket Handkerchiefs.

Miss Hoare........ 96
Mrs. Mappin........ 48
Viscountess Harberton...... 48
Viscountess Parker....... 48
Mrs. Churchyard....... 15

Flannel Pants.

Viscountess Parker....... 138 pairs
Captain Halford, late 5th Dragoon Guards . . 48 pairs
Captain and Mrs. Perkins, late 5th Dragoon Guards . 24 pairs
Mrs. Clutterbuck....... 12 pairs
Mrs. Winwood . . . . . . . .12 pairs
Miss Young........ 12 pairs
Mrs. Soldi, flannel trousers..... 5 pairs

Viscountess Parker, 6 towels.
Viscountess Harberton, 24 cardigans.
Viscountess Parker, 3 cardigans.

Sleeping Caps.

Captain and Mrs. Leetham, late 5th Dragoon Guards ...54
Colonel and Mrs, Bowers, late 5th Dragoon Guards ...36
Viscountess Parker....... 31
Finchley Baptist Chapel...... 13
Mrs. Glossop . ..... 2

Tam o' Shanters.

Viscountess Parker....... 24
Finchley Baptist Chapel...... 20
Mrs. Leetham........ 3
Mrs. Soldi........ 2

Woollen Scarves.

Viscountess Parker....... 21
Finchley Baptist Chapel...... 17
Mrs. Wedderburn....... 6
Mrs. Kinnear........ S
Mrs. Leetham........ 3
Mrs. Glossop........ 2


Finchley Baptist Chapel......7 pairs
Mrs. Churchyard.......5 pairs


Mrs. Kinnear........ 13
Mrs. Goodwin........ 6
Viscountess Parker....... 2

Various Articles from Viscouutess Parker.
Writing-paper and pencils, linen, thread, buttons, needles, shirt-buttons.

From Her Majesty the Queen.
367 boxes of chocolate.

From Major Aspinwall, late 5th Dragoon Guards.
360 pairs of slippers.

Through Mrs. St. J. Gore.
34 pairs of socks; 48 handkerchiefs.

From Miss Ivy Hoare.
4 parcels of sweaters; 1 parcel of caps; 1 parcel of gloves; 20 caps; 6 jerseys.

From a Kind Friend.
50 boxes of cigarettes.

From an Unknown Friend.
50 boxes of cigars.

From Captain Holden.
171 pipes; 510 tins of tobacco.

From an Old Lady of 80, and made by her.
5 woollen scarves.

From the "Willows" Englefield Green.
4 pairs of cuffs; 5 cardigan vests ; 6 flannel vests; 6 pairs of drawers; 6 vests; 6 shirts; 1 pair of socks; 8 wallets of paper; 2 dozen pencils.

From Miss Winwood.
4.5 lbs. of tobacco.

From Mrs. St. John Gore.
300 lbs. of tobacco.

From Miss Norwood.
70 woollen caps; 190 pairs of socks; 220 shirts; 200 handkerchiefs; 12 towels; 130 pairs of laces ; 11 pillows.

From Lieutenant Richardson, 11th Hussars.
25 pairs of woollen gloves.

From J. M. Home, Esq., and Miss B. Swinton, Edinburgh.
169 pairs of socks; 24 packets of handkerchiefs; 21 vests ; 16 pairs of drawers ; 69 shirts; 2 pairs of pyjamas; 6 dozen pencils; 8 packets of soap; 1 tin of tobacco; 1 parcel of notepaper; 1 bundle of boot-laces; 139 woollen caps; 42 scarves; 12 mittens; 4 pillows; 24 cholera belts.

From Mrs. Booker.
36 cardigan jackets; 72 handkerchiefs; 27 shirts; 74 woollen caps ; 1 pair of socks ; 18 pairs of woollen gloves ; 3 pairs of mittens; 1 cholera belt; 36 handkerchiefs; 16 vests ; 46 shirts; 9 pairs of pants.

From Mrs. H. Brown.
48 cholera belts ; 64 pairs of socks; 60 handkerchiefs ; 22 scarves; 36 woollen caps; 44 shirts; notepaper, envelopes, and pencils; 7 boxes of cigarettes; 2 tins of tobacco; mittens ; linen for dressings.

From a " Soldier's Sweetheart."
1 packet of tobacco.

Through General Sir A. and Lady Elliot, late 5th Dragoon Guards.
18 handkerchiefs; 4 dusters; 43 cakes of soap; 24 pairs of laces; 1 box of Maggi's soup squares; 8 packets of stationery; 22 pairs of socks; 4 tins of " Lemco," 5 cardigan vests ; 8 caps; 4 scarves; 4 magazines.

From General Temple God man, late 5th Dragoon Guards.
12 cholera belts; 14 Balaclava caps; 12 cardigan jackets; 24 pairs of socks.

Through Major Edwards, 5th Dragoon Guards.
72 pairs of socks; tin of plum pudding; chocolate.

From Colonel and Mrs. E. Hegan, late 5th Dragoon Guards.
43 pairs of socks; 44 cardigan jackets; 5 vests; 44 cholera belts; 18 pairs of gloves; 13 scarves; 4 pairs of mittens; 1 Balaclava cap; 2 handkerchiefs; 4 dozen boot-laces.

From an Unknown Friend, to the Army ; 5th Dragoon Guards preferred.
5 cushions; 12 pairs of mittens; 12 Balaclava caps; 6 pairs of socks; 1 scarf.

From Mrs. James Heath.
2 cardigan jackets; 7 shirts; 8 sleeping caps; 4 pants; 6 pairs of socks; 12 handkerchiefs.

From (?)
Two cases "thirst-quenchers."