Return showing the minimum number of troops required to garrison Kuruman, Khatu, Ryan’s, Mount Temple, Gamasep Kopje, and to take charge of horses, provide escorts to convoys, water carts, &c.

Kuruman Garrison: 100

Khatu: 40

Mount Temple and District: 60

Ryan’s Garrison, including care of all horses: 130

Gamasep Kopje and Laager and Hospital during attack: 120

Mounted men escorting water and convoys between Ryan’s and the Mountain: 50

Total: 500



Summary of engagements, patrols and other incidents

Engagements 1 of 5

Engagements 2 of 5

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  BechFF Engagements5of5

NOTE.—The above patrols only refer to Officers’ patrols, and do not inolude the innumerable small patrols sent out daily from all camps, neither in the mileage is account taken of small patrols detached from the main patrol. For instance, a patrol is sent to Mount Temple from Ryan’s for ten days, but credit is only taken for the approximate mileage between two camps, and not for the six days’ work done by the patrol whilst stationed in the district of Mount Temple.


Bechuanaland Field Force


Killed in action: 11
Died of wounds: 5
Died of sickness: 10
Drowned: 2
Wounded in action: 30

Total: 58

(Signed) E. B. HARTLEY,
Surg, Lieut-Colonel,
P.M.O., Colonial Forces

Base Hospital, Kuruman
17th August 1897

Killed in action

Feb 15. Hopkins, Lieut. G. CMR. Gamaluse
Feb 15. Venn, Pte. J. F. CMR. Gamaluse

Maroh 15. Fletcher, Tpr. V. Vryburg Bghrs. Gamapedi

April 6. Leeuw, W. Basuto. Gamasep
April 29. Isaacs, F. Ambulance driver. Gamasep. Night attack

May 9. Bayly. Pte.W. K. CMR. Puduhusche
May 9. Price, Pte. L. CMR. Puduhusche
May 9. Milne, Pte. A. G. CMR. Puduhusche

July 30. Hall, Sgt. Kaffrarian Rifles. Gamasep
July 30. Mercer, Pte. Kaffrarian Rifles. Gamasep
July 30. Native. Cape Police. Gamaseo. With Captain Wilson

Died of wounds

April 6 Harris, Lieut. M. D.E.O.V.R. Woinded at Gamasep. Died April 7 at Gamasep

May 9. Castleman, Pte. P.A.G. Wounded at Puduhusche. Died June 2 Kuruman Hospital

April 28. Corbett, J. Ambulance driver. Wounded at Oliphants Kloof. Died April 30 at Oliphants Kloof
April 28. Comtick, J. Artillery driver. Wounded at Oliphants Kloof. Died May 20 at Ryan’s Camp.

June 14. Whelan, Pte. Cape Polioe. Wounded at Tsenin. Died August 18 at Kuruman


March. Kelsey, Pte. P.A.V. Guard. At Middlepan
March. Searle, Pte. P.A.V. Guard. At Middlepan

Died on servce

March 10. Owen, Sgt.-Maj. V.M. Staff. Died at Blesman's Post of bronchitis
March 14. Boughton, Pte. E. 1st City Vols. Died at Grootfontein of meningitis
March 18 Long, Pte. J. D.E.O.V.R. Died at Kuruman of pneumonia

July 1 Madge, Pte. P.A.V.G. Died at Kuruman of pneumonia
July 9. Nesbit, Corp. G. Mt. Temple Vols. Died at Lymputs of pleurisy
July 14. Breakfast. Cape Police. Died at Kuruman of pneumonia
July 14. Native Servant CMR. Died at Kuruman of pneumonia
July 19. Joe Quamana. Cape Polioe. Died at Kuruman of pneumonia
July 28. Moyle, Bombardier. S. P.A.O. Artillery. Died at Kuruman of dysentery

August 15. Hearder, Pte. J. P.A.V.G. Died at Kuruman of enteric fever

List of wounded

BechFF list of wounded