Kuruman, 13th May, 1897.

Sir,—I have the honour to report that acting under the authority of the Officer Commanding, I accompanied Special Commissioner Bell and the Resident Magistrate on a patrol which left here twenty-two strong, (ten constables and the remainder men from this garrison), on Sunday, the 9th inst. Leaving here at 10 a.m., we rode on to Boklans, where we off-saddled and had an indaba with the natives, who had been collected in by native runners sent ahead of the patrol. From this place we were reinforced by a party of about forty loyals, a few of whom were served out with Sniders. We reached Gamapedi Sunday night, and having posted piquets, slept there all night. Monday, Special Commissioner with a portion of patrol went on to the neighbourhood of Digkatlong, where further interviews with natives were held. The district through which we passed, containing many villages and a considerable number of natives, appears to be in a restful state, and all profess loyalty.

The patrol returned here on Wednesday night, 12th inst., all well. I consider it very necessary that regular patrols southwards towards Gamapedi should be established. Of course this can hardly be arranged for with the present garrison, but I am persuaded of its absolute necessity.

Particulars of a Dutch farmer murdered, named Droitskie, already sent you by helio. This was a case of pure revenge on the part of the natives, and was purely local; no connection with rebels at Langberg.

I have, &e.,
(Sgd.) F. M. S. PENNELL, Captain,
B.F.F. O. C. Kuruman.

The Staff Officer,


The Secretary for Defence, Cape Town.
Transmitted for your information,

By order,

May 14th,

(Sgd.) F. JOHNSON, Captain, 1897. S. O., B. F. F.