Bechuanaland Rebellion

Section - Date - Subject

1. - - Telegrams mentioned in reports.
2. - April 18th. - Report from Captain Fuller re patrol to Gamapedi, 13th April, 1897.
3. - April 10th. - First attack on Gamasep, April 6th.
4. - April 17th. - Attack on Toto’s Stadt on the 14th April and return to Ryan’s on the 16th idem.
5. - April 29th. - Advance into mountains through Oliphant’s Kloof on April 28th. Night attack on Camp. Captain Searle’s report from Gamasep.
6. - May 2nd. - First report on situation by Officer Commanding.
7. - May 11th. - Attack on Puduhusche, morning, May 9th, and return to Ryan’s on the 10th idem.
8. - May 11th. - Second report on situation by Officer Commanding.
9. - June 2nd. - Report asking for reinforcements in order to attack, and submitting letters from Burghers demanding to go home.
10. - May 13th. - Report from Officer Commanding at Kururaan, re patrol to Digkatlong.
11. - June 24th. - Report from Officer Commanding Mount Temple Volunteers, re engagement with rebels South of Oliphant’s Kloof.
12. - August 6th. - Report from Officer Commanding, final attack on the Langberg, with Medical report.
13. - October 13th. - Final general report from Officer Commanding.