1899. Oct. 10.—Boer Ultimatum received in London. 12.—The Boers invade Natal. 14.—Sir Redvers Buller leaves England for the Cape. 20.—The Boers defeated at Dundee; General Symons mortally wounded. 21.—The Boers defeated at Elandslaagte. 22.—British retreat from Dundee begins. 24.—Boers checked at Rietfontein. 26.—Dundee column arrives at Ladysmith. 30.—British reverse at F'arquhar’s P'arm and disaster at Nicholson’s Nek. Naval Brigade arrives at Ladysmith. 31.—Sir Redvers Buller lands at Cape Town. Nov. 2.—Ladysmith surrounded; Colenso abandoned. 9.—Attack on Ladysmith repulsed. 11.—Mobilisation of Sir Charles Warren’s Division ordered. 15.—Estcourt armoured train disaster. 21.—Estcourt surrounded and Mooi River camp shelled. 23.—Action at Willow Grange. 25.—The Boers fall back on the Tugela. 27.—Sir Redvers Buller arrives at Pietermaritzburg. Dec. 10.—Sortie by the Ladysmith garrison. 15.—Sir Redvcrs Buller defeated at Colenso. Jan. 6.—Ladysmith repels a desperate assault. 11.—Buller seizes Potgieter’s Drift. 17.—Warren crosses the Tugela. 23.—Spion Kop captured by the British; Gen. Woodgate mortally wounded 24.—Spion Kop abandoned. 25-27.—Warren retires across the Tugela. Feb. 5.—British recross the Tugela and storm Vaal Krantz. 7.—British evacuate Vaal Krantz and retire across the Tugela again. . 14.—Lord Dundonald seizes Hussar Hill. 18.—The British capture Monte Christo and Green Hill. 19.—The Boers retreat across the Tugela. 20.—The British reoccupy Colenso. 21.—The British cross the Tugela below Colenso. 22.—Continuous fighting. 23.—Irish Brigade assaults Pieter’s (Railway) Hill. 24.—The assault renewed and repelled. 25.—An armistice for burying the dead. 26.—Buller withdraws his guns and baggage across the Tugela and recrosses at another place. 27.—Buller attacks the main Boer position : Barton’s Brigade assaults and carries Pieter’s (Railway) Hill. 28.—The Boers abandon their positions. Lord Dundonald and the Natal Carabineers reach Ladysmith. Mar. 1.—Sir Redvers Buller enters the relieved town.