[This list is of necessity incomplete, owing to the continuation of hostilities]


(w) wounded
(d)=died of disease
*=mentioned in Despatches
+=awarded Distinguished Service Medal



H.M.S. Forte.—Captain E. P. Jones (awarded C.B.), Lieutenant F. W. Melvill (awarded D.S.O.), Lieutenant G. P. E. Hunt (awarded D.S.O.), Staff-Surgeon F. J. Lilly (promoted), Acting-Lieutenant J. M. Steel, Gunner E. Holland.

H.M.S. Terrible. — Commander A. H. Limpus (promoted), Lieutenant F. C. A. Ogilvy (promoted), Lieutenant S. R. S. Richards, Lieutenant J. S. Wilde, Lieutenant G. P. England, Sub-Lieutenant S. Newcome, Surgeon Lomas (promoted), Surgeon C. C. Macmillan; Engineers J. F. Arthur, A. E. J. Murray, F. J. Roskruge; Gunners J. Wright, E. J. Cole, E. Williams; Midshipmen P. F. Willoughby, R. T. Down, R. B. C. Hutchinson (awarded Conspicuous Service Cross), A. C. Ackland, A. E. Sherrin, H. E. W. C. Whyte, G. M. Skinner, G. L. Hodson, W. W. Hallwright, H. S. W. Boldero, J. A. G. Troup.

H.M.S. Tartar.—Lieutenants J. E. Drummond, H. W. James; Staff-Surgeon J. Hughes.

H.M.S. Philomel.—Lieutenants A. Halsey (promoted), C. R. N. Burae (promoted), A. Deas, F. A. Clutterbuck; Midshipman W. R. Ledgard, Clerk W. T. Hollins.

Natal Naval Volunteers.—Lieutenant Anderson (in command), Lieutenant Chiazzari (awarded D.S.O.), Lieutenant Barrett.

The Ladysmith Brigade: Captain the Hon. H. Lambton (in command, awarded C.B.), Lieutenants F. G. Egerton (killed), A. W. Heneage, L. Halsey, M. H. Hodges, E. C. Tyndale-Biscoe (late R.N.), E. Stabb, R.N.R. (died of enteric); Fleet Paymaster A. H. Kay (died, enteric); Surgeon J. G. Fowler; Engineers E. H. Ellis (promoted), C. C. Sheen (promoted); Gunner W. Sims (promoted); Midshipmen J. R. Middleton, H. T. Hayes, R. C. Hamilton, I. L. A. Carnegie, A. Stokes, E. G. Chichester, C. R. Sharp.


                                                     Officers. Men.

Killed, or died of wounds.................1..........5

Died of disease................................2..........25

Wounded .........................................1.........4



Colonel M. E. Crofton; Lieutenant-Colonels E. W. Yeatherd (died of wounds), J. M. Gawne (k), F. B. Matthews* (promoted Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel, and awarded D.S.O.); Majors A. J. J. Ross (k), E. A. F. Carter, G. A. Carleton,* A. D. Thome, C. G. Barton* (awarded D.S.O.), A. J. King* (awarded D.S.O.); Captains W. J. Mangles* (awarded D.S.O), W. Sandbach* (w.), J. A. Paton, M. W. Kirk (k), G. L. Palmes* (w., awarded D.S.O.), A. R. S. Martin* (w, promoted Brevet Major), F. M. Carleton* ( w., promoted Brevet Major), A. M. Dykes* (w.), W. A. L. Lethbridge, G. R. Stephens (w.), R. G. Parker* (w); Lieutenants F. C. Davidson* (died of wounds), A. H. Wade (k), R. H. Coe (k), N. L. Lysons, C. E. Morrison, E. A. F. Vaughan (died of wounds), H. K. Clough, W. E. S. Woodgate (died of wounds), J. N. Nixon* (w.), E. F. Hausburg, N. J. Parker (k), A. D. M. Browne, C. W. Grover* (w.)t W. C. T. Hibbert, A. H. B. Foster, W. A. D. Lippert (k), R. M. Luckock, T. C. R. Higgins, L. B. Webster, F. G. Theobald, E. C. Naper, E. Von Brockdorff, A. L. E. Merideth, J. Caddy, R. P. MacGrath, C. W. Jepson (Quartermaster). Attached: Captain N. Tyacke,* R.A.M.C.; Captain W. A. Main and Lieutenant A. H. Kennedy, 1st V.B. King's Own.

Non-commissioned Oppicbrs and Men mentioned in Despatches.

Sergeant-Major T. H. Johnson; Quartermaster-Sergeant B. T. Whittaker; Sergeants D. Tyson,+ A. Millis, J. Crowe, J. Whitehead, H. E. Smith+, E. G. Roebuck+, W. D. Southcott, J. Reddy, J. Roe, F. Butterworth, J. E. Donald,+ G. C. S. McLeod; Corporals M. Connell, W. Bartley, G. Clarke; Privates W. McGowan, C. Sach, J. Fahey, B. Moore, G. Roberts, W. Tatton, F. Aldred, S. Brooks, T. Roberts,+ R. Hamilton+, C. Barry, T. Holland, A. Browne, W. Brien, R. Mason, E. Gething, R. Henderson, E. Ashlin, J. Hardwick; Drummer W. Clements.


                                   Officers.  Non-commissioned Officers and Men

Killed .............................. 9 ......... 107
Wounded ........................ 8 ........ 225
Died ................................ - .......... 26
Missing............................ 1 ......... 32



Lieutenant-Colonel E. J. Gallwey* (awarded C.B.); Majors R. B. Williams* (promoted Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel), C. B. Little; Captains F. M. Peacock, S. L. V. Crealock (k), L. G. I. Chandler, E. G. Eiger ( w., awarded D.S.O.), W. P. Braithwaite* (promoted Brevet Major), A. B. Whatman (awarded D.S.O.), W. J. Bowker (awarded D.S.O.), V. F. Keith Falconer* (k); Lieutenants H. F. Hardman, J. B. C. Thomson, C. B. Prowse,* P. M. Wardlaw, A. H. Yatman, I. B. Maddocks, R. H. M. C. Miers, A. W. S. Paterson; Second Lieutenants H. G. R. Burgess-Short, H. I. K. Allfrey, J. C. Parr (k), C. H. Little,* W. H. M. Freeston, A. R. S. Sale-Hill, E. W. Worrall, A. G. Harrison, L. E. C. W. Wilmer; Captain and Adjutant E. M. Swayne; Medical Officer Captain R. E. Holt, R.A.M.C (k); Lieutenant and Quartermaster P. Moran.

Non-commissioned Officers and Men mentioned in Despatches.

Colour-Sergeant French+; Sergeants Oakes,+ Hewlett+; Privates Culland,+ Marsh,+ H. Hutchings.+

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men.

Killed, 16; wounded, 69; died of disease, 22; missing, nil.



Lieutenant-Colonel C. J. Blomfield* (w, promoted Brevet Colonel and awarded D.S.O.); Majors C. D. Wallington,* F. Amber*; Captains C. M. Brunker* (awarded D.S.O.), E. C. Tidswell* (awarded D.S.O.), W. F. Elmslie (w.), O. C. Wolley-Dod* (w., awarded D.S.O.), C. H. Hicks (k), J. N. Whyte* H. V. S. Ormond* (w.), G. H. B. Freeth* (awarded D.S.O.), G. M. Stewart (k); F. J. Radcliffe, E. C. Brierley, W. E. Sykes; Lieutenants J. J. R. Mallock (k), A. J. Allardyce,* R. S. Wilson ( w.),D. F. Campbell* (w., awarded D.S.O.), H. Shaw, R. H. M. Moody, I. J. Marrable; Second Lieutenants E. J. M. Barrett (w.), G. H. Hastings, M. G. Crofton (w.), J. C. Markes,* C. H. Unwin, J. L. Swainson, W. Millar (k), K. Macnee, C. R. T. Hopkinson, C. E. M. Dansey,* G. H. Soames, E. Barlow, R. S. Allen (w.), J. H. Christie, G. B. Browne, A. L. Ross, C. Brand; Captain and Adjutant R. B. Blunt* (w., promoted Brevet Major); Lieutenant and Quartermaster W. W. Ganly.* Officers attached: Major W. P. Squire, R.A.M.C.; Captains S. Willcock, B. O. Fyfife, J. T. Wood, W. B. Pearson; Lieutenants H. V. A. Awdry* (k), C. J. Griffin (w.), H. B. Roffey, E. Frazer* (k), L. E. O. Charlton* (w., awarded D.S.O.), H. E. M. Hutchinson, D. W. Parker, E. A. L. Nickerson, F. A. Woodcock, H. S. Roch, R.A.M.C.; Civil Surgeon J. G. Gordon Munn.

Non-commissioned Officers mentioned in Despatches.

Sergeant-Major W. Moss+; Colour-Sergeants R. J. Potter+ (k), R. V. Couchman+, J. Maguire, W. Watson+; Sergeants T. J. Farrell+, J. Holmes+, W. Dyer, J. B. Quinton+, J. Sorsby, G. Brooks; Corporals G. White, A. Shaw, R. Howard, J. Sexton+, C. Taylor; Privates F. Power, J. Thomas+, J. Moody, R. Hodson, A. Jordan, G. Pearson, J. Ormesher, M. Lowe+, J. Coldwell, A. Ford, J. Mochridge, T. Brennan, T. Bamford+ T. Fleming, F. Lomax+ J. Turner+, T. Royle+ (k).

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men.

Killed, 85; wounded, 247; died of disease, 23; missing, 126.



Lieutenant-Colonel C. C. H. Thorold* (k); Major H. J. Archdale*; Captains A. P. Gough* (awarded D.S.O.), P. R. Mantell,* D.S.O., R. M. O. Glynn, G. F. Barttelot, R. S. Webber, H. Delme-Radcliffe,* H. J. Murdocks, R. C. B. Throckmorton, G. E. Rickman, W. G. Braithwaite* (awarded D.S.O.), R. G. B. Lovett (k); Lieutenants E. T. Le Marchant, W. Best, G. F. H. Dickson, O. de L. Williams, F. A. K. Stebbing (k), W. M. Kington,* G. E. S. Salt (d.), D. Powell, H. Maddick, W. Harris, F. C. A. Hurt, C. C Norman (w.)t F. A. H. Nangle, A. H. Reynolds; Second Lieutenants E. A. T. Bayly, W. J. H. Hughes, H. V. V. Kyrke (w.), A. R. H. Ryercroft, R. S. Ransome (Quartermaster). Attached: Majors B. L. Mills, R.A.M.C., B. H. Phillips, Royal Reserve.

Non-commissioned Officers and Men awarded Distinguished Service Medal.

Sergeant-Major E. A. Parker; Sergeants W. G. King, C. Whinyates, S. Hotchkiss; Corporals W. Roberts, W. Townsend; Privates J. Marshall, J. Price, J. Smith.

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men. Killed, 10; wounded, 54; died of disease, 2; missing, nil.



Lieutenant-Colonel T. M. G. Thackeray (k); Majors J. F. W. Charley (k), F. A. Sanders (k), C. J. L. Davidson* (»., awarded D.S.O.); Captains R. M. Foot* (a/., promoted Brevet Major), A. J. Hancocks (w.), F. G. Jones* (promoted Brevet Major), D. Maclachlan (w. and d.), W. L. P. Gibton (d.), E. J. Buckley* (w.), W. F. Hessey (w., promoted Brevet Major), H. H. Leverson (w.), J. Evans (w.), F. C. Loftus (k); Lieutenants J. T. Lowry (d.), G. W. Morley, J. N. Crawford (w.), E. W. Atkinson, R. A. B. Young* (awarded D.S.O.), W. O. Stuart (k), D. G. H. Auchinleck, T. W. Whiffen (w.), T. A. D. Best,* C. Ridings (w.)t W. W. Meldon (w.)t H. P. Pott (w.), J. G. Devenish* (w.), A. G. M. Gordon, G. R. V. Steward, S. H. Hutton (d.), J. A. Page, E. T. Inkson,* R.A.M.C. (awarded V.C.)

Non-commissioned Officers and Men mentioned in Despatches.

Sergeant-Major W. Martin+; Sergeants M. Delaney, A. R. Lee+ M. McMurran,+ R. Branagh, W. Craig,+ G. E. Framingham; Corporals J. Kelly,+ J. Cleland+; Privates L. Bryant, A. Thompson,+ J. A. Gardner, P. Howard,t J. McArthur, S. McCormick, A. Mills,+ J. Slawson; Drummers C. E. Coucham, J. Swan, B. Fitzgerald.+

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men. Killed, 98; wounded, 248; died of disease, 26; missing, nil.



Colonel J. H. E. Hinde*; Majors J. S. Pelly* (awarded D.S.O.), R. H. G. Heygate* (w, awarded D.S.O.), H. S. Mayhew, W. F. Nash (awarded D.S.O.); Captains J. E. S. Probyn,* P. J. Bellamy, R. A. Browne (promoted Brevet Major), H. D. Tuson, A. Lyon, C.D. Vaughan (w., promoted Brevet Major), E. G. Sinclair MacLagan* (w., awarded D.S.O.); Lieutenants A. E. St. V. Pollard, F. G. G. Morris, G. E. Warren, P. F. B. Hawes, A. R. S. Lyon-Campbell, W. L. Allen, G. J. Marsh (a/.), E. H. H. Lees, H. W. Garvey (k), G. H. N. Jackson* (awarded D.S.O.), G. E. Beatty-Pownall, J. W. P. Senior, S. H. F. Muriel ( C. G. W. Andrews (w.), F. H. Harvey, G. H. Harrison; Lieutenant and Adjutant C. L. Macnab*; Captain and Quartermaster J. King.

Non-commissioned Officers and Men awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Sergeants F. W. Mitchell, F. Lambeth, E. O. B. White; Privates C. B. Jack, T. Watson.

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men.

Killed, 9; wounded, 125; died of wounds, 5; died of disease, 15; missing, nil



Lieutenant-Colonels R. G. Buchanan-Riddell* (k), R. C. Bewicke-Copley* (awarded C.B.); Majors F. A. Fortescue, W. S. Kays (w., promoted Brevet Lieutenant - Colonel), E. W. Thistlethwayte (w.), F. B. M. Henniker, W. H. Salmon; Captains H. C. Howard, H. C. Warre* (awarded D.S.O.), H. A. W. Briscoe (w., promoted Brevet-Major), L. F. Phillips, R. H. Beaumont* (w.), C. W. Wilson* (adjutant, awarded D.S.O.); Lieutenants Hon. R. Cathcart* (L), A. R. Mildmay* (L), G. A. P. Rennie* (awarded D.S.O.), D. H. B. H. Blundell* (w.), C. B. Petre (w.), G. F. B. Hankey, H. F. F. B. Foljambe, M. Pratt (w.), R. J. Grant (k.)t H. Wake* (received D.S.O.), R. F. M. Sims* (w., awarded D.S.O.), G. K. Priaulx, G. H. Davenport (d.), W. C. Harrington (Quartermaster); Second Lieutenants A. F. C. Maclachlan* (w.), E. A. Bradford, W. S. W. Parker Jervis, B. J. Curling, J. & C. Rose, F. V. Yeats Brown; Medical Officer Major A. J. Rose,* R.A.M.C (w.).

Non-commissioned Officers and Men mentioned in Despatches.

Sergeant-Major A. N. Hill; Quartermaster-Sergeant W. Humphries; Colour-Sergeants J. McLoughlin, A. Watkins+, A. Harman; Sergeants J. Baker, H. Pope, J. Keenes, T. Pidgeon+, F. Clay+; Corporals W. Jones+, J. Knight, E. Wenham, R. Allen+, A. Grindley, A. Muntzer, W. Slade, T. Tipson; Riflemen A. McCarthy, R. Goodman, H. Smith, A. Benn, T. Moss, J. Findlay, J. Patrick+! H. Rowley, F. Lembrick+, E. Ashworth, W. Kibby+.

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men.

Killed, 47; wounded, 143; died of disease, 57; missing, a (afterwards rejoined).



Colonel L. G. Brooke* (w., awarded C.B.); Majors J. de C O’Grady* (awarded C.B.), M. G. Moore* (promoted Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel), N. A. D. Barton*; Captains A. Bell (promoted Brevet Major), G. Ford-Hutchinson, D.S.O. (w.), J. Robertson,* W. Grylls,* W. Sarsfield, J. Raven;* Lieutenants P. Horton* (Adjutant), A. S. Hog, W. A. White* (promoted Brevet Major), H. Jourdain, J. Conry* (w., awarded D.S.O.), H. M. Hutchinson* (w, awarded D.S.O.), A. Wise (w.), W. Molony, G. Brooke (w.), C. Hack,* F. Pomeroy, A. Lambert, E. Jones (w.), R. Pague, S. Hucheson,* H. Wratislaw (w).

Non-commissioned Oppicers and Men awarded Distinguished Service Medal.

Sergeant-Major Hart; Sergeants M. Murphy, T. Shearer, J. Smith; Privates W. Lennon, J. Naughton, J. Reynolds, P. Livingstone.

Casualties, Non-commissioned Oppicers and Men. Killed, 56; wounded, 177; died of disease, 45; missing, nil.



Brevet Colonel C. D. Cooper* (awarded C.B. and promoted Major-General); Lieutenant-Colonel H. T. Hicks* (awarded C.B.); Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Sitwell* (k); Majors S. G. Bird* (awarded D.S.O.), F. P. English* ( w, promoted Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel); Captains C. O. Hensley* (k), G. A. Weldon (k), E. Fetherstonhaugh* (promoted Brevet Major), M. Lowndes* (w.)t A. Dibley* (w.)t C. F. Romer* (promoted Brevet Major), M. P. Lonsdale, H. M. Shewan* (w., awarded D.S.O.), H. W. Higginson,* G. N. Cory* (awarded D.S.O.), C. N. Perreau (w.), F. N. Le Mesurier; Lieutenants G. S. Higginson, C. Garvice,* C. T. Grimshaw,* L. F. Renny, T. M. D. Haskard* (w.), T. B. Ely (d.), R. C. B. Henry (k); C. T. Genge (k), T. H. Frankland, F. B. Lane, H. D. Britton* (w.)f J. T. Dennis (w. and d.)t A. De B. Bradford;* Lieutenant and Quartermaster Rolands*; Medical Officer L. N. Lloyd* (R.A.M.C., awarded D.S.O.); Officers attached: Captains Maitland (k) and Haldane (Gordon Highlanders), Major Gordon* ( w, promoted Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel); Captain A. H. Bacon (k), Lieutenants A. H. Bacon (k), R. McLeod (w), A. V. Hill (w), Brodhurst Hill (w.), E. A. De Salis* (awarded D.S.O.), J. C. Halahan (1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers).

Non-commissioned Officers and Men mentioned in Despatches.

Sergeant-Major Burke; Colour-Sergeants Gage+ Guilfoyle, Cossey, McNay, Hunt, Merry, James; Sergeants Duncan, Sheridan+ Connor+, Church+, Black, Ryan+, Birks, Brown+; Corporals Frost+, Sutton, Melia+ Privates J. McCormack+, Bryan, M. Farrelly+, McCormack, M. Kavanagh+, Tighe, Kelly, Holmes+, Reid+, C. N. Wallace+, W. Connell.

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men.

Killed, 75; died of wounds, 14; died of disease, 45; wounded, 348; missing (since rejoined), 162.



Officers with General Bullbr's Force, February, 1900.

Colonels T. J. Gallwey,* C.B., Principal Medical Officer (awarded K.C.M.G.), J. A. Clery* (awarded C.B.); Lieutenant Colonels W. B. Allin* (promoted), P. H. Johnston (awarded C.M.G.), J. Armstrong;* Majors O. Todd,* G. T. Goggin,* E. O. Milward,* E. R. Cree, A. P. Hart, S. Townsend,* T. P. Woodhouse, T. R. Lucas (awarded C.B.), F. A. B. Daly (awarded C.B.), A. S. Rose* (wounded in action at Vaal Krantz), W. C. T. Poole, J. C. Culling,* R. I. D. Hackett, H. H. Johnston, G. H. Younge,* W. Babtie,* C.M.G. (awarded V.C. for gallantry at Colenso and promoted), C. W. Theile, F. J. Lambkin, G. W. Brazier-Creagh* (awarded C.M.G.), F. T. Wilkinson, L. Haywood,* J. D. T. Reckitt, R. Kirkpatrick* (awarded C.M.G.), J. Hickman, A. Baird,* A. Dodd,* T. B. Winter,* F. S. Heuston (awarded C.M.G.), J. R. Mallins, R. J. McCormack.* S. F. Freyer* (awarded C.M.G.), J. D. Moir,* C. W. Johnson, E. Davis, A. O. Fitzgerald,* S. R. Wills, J. H. Brannigan (wounded in action at Colenso), B. L. Mills, J. G. Black,* J. B. W. Buchanan,* W. P. Squire, J. J. Gerrard, E. Eckersley, T. Browning, W. S. Dowman, R. Caldwell, A. B. Hinde,* G. Hilliard, C.M.G. (died of wounds received in action at Newcastle), A. L. F. Bate, R. E. Kelly, J. Paterson; Captains M. L. Hughes* (killed in action at Colenso), H. J. Parry* (awarded D.S.O.), J. W. Jennings, D.S.O., C. Dalton* (wounded in action near Colenso), N. Faichnie,* F. W. Begbie,* E. M. Pilcher, E. M. Morphew,* N. Tyacke,* C. B. Martin,* J. F. M. Kelly, J. D. Alexander,* G. S. Crawford, F. G. Faichnie,* F. A. Symons, J. H. Campbell* (wounded in action at Pieter’s Hill); Lieutenants R. D. Jepson, R. H. Fuhr* (awarded D.S.O.), J. G. GUI, J. W. Leake, J. W. Houghton, D. E. Curme, R. H. Lloyd, G. C. Phipps, G. J. A. Ormsby, A. O. B. Wroughton, F. J. Palmer,* H. Simson, H. H. Norman, W. R. Blackwell * H. M. Nicholls, H. F. Hart, S. G. Butler, J. J. W. Prescott* (awarded D.S.O.), P. H. Falkner, J. W. Morris, E. T. Inkson* (awarded V.C. for gallantry at Pieter’s Hill and promoted), A. A. Seeds, L. N. Lloyd (awarded D.S.O.). H. B. Onraet* (killed in action at Pieter’s Hill), J. H. R. Bond, L. W. Harrison, F. S. Irvine, H. M. Morton, M. H. Babington, F. G. Richards, E. Blake Knox* (wounded in action at Pieter’s Hill), H. S. Roch, F. Harvey, C. E. Trimble; Quartermasters Hon. Captain D. J. Gilman, Hon. Lieutenants R. Adams,* T. F. Brake,* J. B. Short, D. Dallas, P. Mackintosh, G. H. Pain ton, H. S. Brook, H. Spackman, G. A. Sellex, J. Ferguson, F. W. Hall, A. Morrison, R. O. Roberts.

Non-commissioned Officers and Men awarded Distinguished Service Medal.

Sergeant-Majors J. de S. Stewart, R. Watson, A. R. Titchener, D. Roberts, F. B. Bowyer; Staff Sergeants F. H. Dolman, J. R. Gibbons, C. W. Measures, N. Cornell, T. Johnstone, H. Lattemore, F. S. Marseland, J. Hampton, R. Burrows, C. H. Cooper; Sergeants T. H. V. Coad, J. Leonard, J. Bright, E. I. Cadogan, T. Davy, F. G. Bright, W. H. Servey; Privates A. Nunns, J. Harvey, M. T. Sparkes, H. Burford, R. N. Macgregor, D. Stuart, E. F. Woodier.



Lieutenant-Colonel A. W. Thorneycroft (awarded C.B. and Brevet Colonel); Majors G. S. St. Aubyn (promoted Brevet Major), Hon. L. F. Byng, W. E. Peyton (awarded D.S.O. and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel); Captains E. M. Morris (promoted Brevet Major), R. A. Bettington («/.), C. A. Martin, Hon. J. H. Petre (k), C. Hamilton (awarded D.S.O.), W. Knapp, A. B. Boyd WUson, H. Mann (k), M. G. Farquhar (awarded D.S.O.), C. S. Knox-Gore (k), E. M. J. Molyneux (w, awarded D.S.O.), R. J. Barrett, J. Thompson (awarded D.S.O.), A. D. Green (awarded D.S.O.), C. F. Minchin (awarded D.S.O.), J. S. McK. Shea, S.G. Hawarden (Medical Officer), B. Bertram (Medical Officer), G. F. Chipman, J. Hendry; Lieutenants J. H. Baldwin (w.), J. Bruce* Steer, W. Otto (w), C. M. Jenkins (k), E. Bosom worth, P. A. Ogilvie, N. K. Prettyjohn, Flower ElHs (k), R. F. Wynne, W. R. Ponsonby (w.t awarded D.S.O.), H. J. Foster (w.), G. S. D. Forbes (awarded D.S.O.), C. G. Grenfell (k), P. Newnham (k), Hon. N. W. Hill-Trevor (k), H. S. McCorquodale (k), R. H. Villiers (awarded D.S.O.), J. W. Sharp, B. I. Rose (d.), I. W. J. W. Howard (w., awarded D.S.O.), Earl of Rosslyn, L. C. F. Oppen-heim, W. J. Anderson, R. P. Nicol, R. Carr, Hon. Marcus Hill-Trevor, G. O. Roos (w.), H. P. Piggott (d.), E. H. Rouse, Hon. P. S. St. Aubyn, F. Graham, H. E. O. Green, P. G. Stockley,

G. F. Gore, W. G. Cunningham, R. Wight Boycott, A. R. Best, J; Ousely, H. B. Farquhar, L. W. Birt, J. W. V. Fletcher, A. H. Pryor, F. C. Belson.

Medals for Distinguished Conduct in the Field.

Sergeants J. H. Jeffries, J. Mason, H. McFeeters, J. A. Mayne, H. M. Spurting, W. F. Strong, J. B. Mckechnie; Privates G. E. Ackland, J. B. Fischer, A. Neilson, W. For, W. J. Lyons, F. Glover.

Casualties, Non-commissioned Officers and Men. Killed, 48; wounded, 94; died of disease, 21; missing, nil.