To the Editor of the ‘Indian Daily News.’

  SIR,—May I ask you to be good enough to publish for the benefit of the
  subscribers to the Indian Mounted Infantry Corps (Lumsden’s Horse)
  Fund a detailed account of the receipts and expenditure?

  On behalf of myself, officers, and men of the corps, I desire to
  tender our grateful acknowledgment to His Excellency Lord Curzon,
  Honorary Colonel, not only for having sanctioned the raising of the
  corps and for his patronage, but also for the very material assistance
  he graciously gave us and for the interest he took in our operations
  on active service.

  I take the opportunity, at the completion of our campaign, again to
  thank the public for the splendid manner in which they equipped the
  corps for active service in South Africa and for the cordial way they
  welcomed it back again. The public appreciation of their services to
  the Army has been to the officers and men of Lumsden’s Horse ample
  recompense for any hardships they may have endured. For myself I can
  only repeat that I never wish to be associated with more gallant
  comrades. I am indebted to General Sir E.R. Elles, Adjutant-General,
  General Gaselee, Quartermaster-General, Surgeon-General Harvey,
  Director-General I.M.S., and General Wace, Director-General of
  Ordnance, for the assistance given in obtaining equipment for the
  corps and facilitating its despatch.

  More than special thanks are also due to Sir Patrick Playfair for the
  great interest he has taken in the corps from start to finish, as well
  as to the other members of the committee.—Yours, &c.,

                                 D.M. LUMSDEN, Lieutenant-Colonel,

                                         Commanding Lumsden’s Horse.

      April 17, 1900.


                          OPENING OF THE FUND
                            TO APRIL 9, 1900

                                      Rs.    a.  p.
                    Subscriptions   2,22,225  7  11

                               Rs.  2,22,225  7  11

                                      Rs.  a.  p.         Rs. a.  p.
 Equipment                         31,027   2  1
 Uniform, Clothing, &c.            30,320   7 11
 Ponies and Transport              27,459   9  7
 Horses and Remounts               15,337  15  0[F]
 Medicines                            695  14  6
                                     —————————       1,04,841  1     1
 Camp Messing                      19,301   9  0
 Camp Equipage                      2,522  14  6
 Camp Conservancy                     529   0  0
 Camp Sundry Expenses               1,523   9  0
 Office Establishment and
   Expenses                         1,631   7  9
 Stationery, Printing, and
   Advertising                        628  11  6
 Postages and Telegrams               373   5  6
 Salaries of Native Followers         862   0  0
                                     —————————         27,372  9     3
 Canteen and Stores for South
   Africa                          12,059  13  9
 £2,000 taken to South Africa      29,912  10  0
                                     —————————         41,972  7     9
                                                     1,74,186  2     1
 Advances to Recover                1,277  13  0
 Balance in Hand:
 With Bank of Bengal               46,241   2  1[G]
 With Honorary Treasurers             520   6  9
                                     —————————         46,761  8    10
                                                Rs.  2,22,225  7    11

Footnote F:

  There is a further liability under this head of about Rs. 20,000.

Footnote G:

  From Bank Balance in Hand a credit of £2,000 has been opened for the
  contingent with the Standard Bank of South Africa.

Audited and found correct.
             LOVELOCK & LEWES, Chartered Accountants,
                           Honorary Auditors.
CALCUTTA: April 14, 1900.