The following gentlemen played prominent parts in connection with the
raising and equipment of Lumsden’s Horse:

  H.E. the Commander-in-Chief—Sir William Lockhart, G.C.B., K.C.S.I.,
  whom illness, however, prevented from inspecting the corps prior to
  their departure to South Africa.

  Major-General Sir Edwin Collen, K.C.I.E., C.B., Military Member of

  Major-General P.J. Maitland, C.B., Secretary to the Government of
  India Military Department.

  Major the Hon. E. Baring, Military Secretary to H.E. the Viceroy.

  Brigadier-General Sir E.R. Elles, K.C.B., Adjutant-General in India.

  Brigadier-General Sir Arthur Gaselee, K.C.B., Quartermaster-General in

  Sir Patrick Playfair, C.I.E.

  Captain A.L. Phillips, Indian Staff Corps.

  Major-General R. Wace, C.B., Director-General of Ordnance.

  Surgeon-General R. Harvey, C.B., Director-General of I.M.S.

  Colonel P.A. Buckland, Superintendent Army Clothing.

  Major-General T.F. Hobday, Commissary-General.

  Captain W.S. Goodridge, Director R.I.M. (Bombay).

  Captain A. Gwyn, Deputy Director R.I.M. (Kidderpur Docks).

  William Currie, Esq., Messrs. Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Co.

  The Most Rev. J.E.C. Welldon, Lord Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan
  of India.

  Shirley Tremearne, Esq.

  Canon A. Luckman, Senior Chaplain, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta.

  H.E.A. Apjohn, Esq., Chairman, Port Commissioners.

  Brigadier-General Leach, C.B., G.O.C. Bengal.

  Colonel Money, Assistant Adjutant-General.

  Colonel Mansfield, Commissary-General for Transport.

  Thanks are due to the following:

  The Indian Press for the free notices and list of subscriptions
  inserted from time to time.

  A.U. Fanshawe, Esq., C.I.E., Director-General of Post Offices.

  C.E. Pitman, Esq., C.I.E., Director-General of Telegraphs, for
  establishing Post and Telegraph Offices in Camp.

  The Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal (Sir John Woodburn).

  Her Excellency Lady Curzon of Kedleston.

  Lady Woodburn, the Misses Pugh, and the other ladies of Calcutta who
  organised the Ball.

               THE LADIES’ BALL, CALCUTTA, JANUARY 1900,


             Her Excellency LADY CURZON OF KEDLESTON, C.I.

          Lady Woodburn           Lady LOCKHART

          Lady MACLEAN              H.H. the MAHARANI OF
                                    COOCH BEHAR

                              Mrs. COTTON

                          General Committee.

Mrs. Aldam
  ”  C.H. Allen
  ”   Apjohn
  ”   Baker
  ”   Barkley
  ”   Barrow
  ”   Birkmyre
  ”   Bolton
  ”   Boyd
  ”   Branson
  ”   Beadon-Bryant
  ”   Buckland
  ”   Campbell
  ”   Chappell
  ”   Charles
  ”   Churchill
Lady Collen
Mrs. Comley
  ”   Constable
  ”   Coulter
  ”   Dangerfield
  ”   Lindsay Daniell
  ”   Dawkins
  ”   Dring
  ”   Duke
  ”   Dunne
  ”   Eggar
  ”   Ellis

Mrs. Elworthy
  ”   Trevor Forbes
  ”   Gayer
  ”   Gemmell
  ”   Gibbs
  ”   A.S. Gladstone
  ”   Banks-Gwyther
  ”   Haggard
  ”   Harington
  ”   Havell
  ”   Hill
  ”   Huddleston
  ”   Iggulden
  ”   Joubert
  ”   Judge
  ”   Ker
  ”   Knight
  ”   Luson
  ”   Maconochie
  ”   Mair
  ”   Maitland
  ”   Mansfield
  ”   Mawdsley
  ”   Melville
  ”   Miller
  ”   R.L. Morgan
Hon. Mrs. McLaren Morrison

Mrs. Morris
  ”   Murray
  ”   Goodwin Norman
  ”   Oakley
  ”   Ormond
  ”   Orr
  ”   Paget
  ”   Pearson
  ”   Petersen
  ”   Phelps
  ”   Poppe
  ”   Pratt
  ”   Pugh
  ”   Renny
  ”   Seymour
  ”   Silk
Kanwar Rani Lady Harnam Singh
Mrs. Assheton-Smith
  ”   Sparkes
  ”   Stanley
  ”   Foster Stevens
  ”   Stone
  ”   Watkins
  ”   Wallis-Whiddett
  ”   Wicks
  ”   Wilkins
  ”   Wynne

                        List of the Stewards.

Captain Allanson
Mr. C.H. Allen
 ”   Rob Allen
 ”   G.G. Anderson
 ”   E.W. Antram
 ”   A.A. Apcar
 ”   Gregory Apcar
 ”   J.G. Apcar
 ”   J.H. Apjohn
 ”   E.C. Apostolides
Hon. Mr. Allan Arthur
Captain Badcock
Mr. L.C. Baines
Major the Hon. E. Baring
Mr. A.S. Barrow
 ”   C.P. Bartholomew
 ”   W.E. Bayley
 ”   C.F. Beadel
 ”   V. Beatty
 ”   H.C. Begg
 ”   W.M. Beresford
 ”   A.J. Fraser Blair
 ”   D.C. Blair
 ”   E.G. Buck
Hon. Mr. J. Buckingham
Mr. P.L. Buckland
 ”   A.L. Butter
Dr. Arnold Caddy
Mr. G. Caine
 ”   P.E. Cameron
Captain Campbell, A.D.C.
Mr. John Campbell
Captain Baker-Carr, A.D.C.
Mr. N. Bonham Carter
 ”   W.D. Carter
 ”   W.D. Cartwright
 ”   E. Chapman
 ”   E.P. Chapman
 ”   E.C. Coates
 ”   G. Colville
 ”   W. Ross Craig
 ”   W.D. Cruickshank
 ”   J.E. Cubitt
 ”   R.H.S. Dashwood
Hon. Mr. Clinton Dawkins
Mr. Cairns Deas

Mr. W. Dods
Major Dolby
Mr. W.A. Dring
 ”   W.K. Eddis
 ”   W.H. Edwards
Sir G.H.P. Evans
Hon. Mr. A.U. Fanshawe
Mr. R.R. Gales
  ”  J. Gemmell
  ”  G. Girard
 ”   W.O. Grazebrook
 ”   R.J. Green
Captain Grimston
Mr. J.D. Guise
 ”   F.F. Handley
Hon. Mr. Justice Harington
Surgeon-General Harvey
Mr. H. Hensman
 ”   C.R. Hills
 ”   H. Hookey
 ”   G. Huddleston
 ”   A.D. Ingram
 ”   P. Ismay
 ”   C.M. Jack
 ”   J.R. Johnston
 ”   C. Lawrie Johnstone
 ”   C.B. Jourdain
 ”   A.S. Judge
 ”   C.H.B. Jurret
 ”   Paul Knight
Captain Knox, A.D.C.
Brigadier-General Leach, C.B.
Mr. A.M. Lindsay
 ”   Allan Mackinnon
Sir Francis Maclean
Mr. A. McNiven
Sir Wm. Macpherson
Mr. A.G.H. Macpherson
Major-General Maitland, C.B.
Mr. J.R. Maples
 ”   E.J. Marshall
 ”   E.S. Martin
 ”   Harold Martin
 ”   Francis Matthewson
Colonel Money
Mr. D. McLaren Morrison


Mr. A.K. Muir
Hon. Mr. A.C. Murray
Mr. J. Needham
 ”   John Nicoll
Captain Noblett
Major Ormerod
Mr. J.A. Ormiston
 ”   E.W. Ormond
 ”   J.C. Orr
 ”   J.W. Orr
 ”   W. Orrell
 ”   J.J. Page
Captain Phillips
Mr. G. Pickford
 ”   A. Pickford
Sir Patrick Playfair, C.I.E.
Mr. F. Power
 ”   A.J. Pugh
 ”   L.P. Pugh
 ”   R.A.C. Pugh
 ”   C. Radcliffe
 ”   A. Rawlinson
Hon. Mr. J.D. Rees
Mr. A. Rodachanachi
 ”   L.E.D. Rose
 ”   C.L.S. Russell

Mr. A. Short
 ”   J.A. Simpson
Hon. Mr. D.M. Smeaton
Mr. C.E. Smyth
 ”   C.D. Stewart
 ”   H. Stokes
 ”   Harry Stuart
Earl of Suffolk and Berks, A.D.C.
Mr. H.W. Sutcliffe
 ”   G.H. Sutherland
 ”   R.G.D. Thomas
 ”   W.L. Thomas
 ”   Shirley Tremearne
 ”   J.M. Turner
Captain Tyrrell
Major Verschoyle
Mr. S. Verschoyle
 ”   C.L.W. Wallace
Captain Waters
Mr. Martyn Wells
 ”   D. Westmacott
 ”   Thos. Westmacott
Hon. Mr. Justice Wilkins
Captain Wilkinson
Mr. H.D. Wood