ABOUT only one thing was he more anxious than the comfort of his horses and men, and that was, to get into touch with his enemy, and keep there.


IT seems to me, on looking over my first proof- sheet, that it contains too many ‘Ts.” There are, in fact, including “ I’s,” “ me’s,” “ my’s," and “ mine’s," no less than twenty-six allusions to the First Person Singular. I can only hope that what I have written may stand also for many hundreds of other ‘Ts” who did very much the same things, and thought very much the same thoughts, perhaps, as I did, during our experiences in the South six years ago.
I wish to thank very heartily my friend and erstwhile messmate, Mr. G. S. Ramshay, for his help in writing these notes, and especially for the opportunity given of making extracts from his diary.

H. S. G.
Buxton, 5th April, 1906.