The photograph which is appended to this paragraph was taken during the course of our journey to Ladysmith.  The scene is on the north bank of the Great Tugela below the waterfall, and close to the pontoon bridge by which the troops had crossed on their victorious march.  Sitting in the sun on a pile of timbers, which the engineers have left, is a typical straggler.  His company has moved on to Pieters, and he has fallen out somehow and somewhere on the march, and is following the lost column as best he can.

The day is hot, and his jacket is thrown across his shoulders.  A small cloud of flies buzz over him.  He is tired, dirty, thirsty, and hungry. Fever has taken hold of him, and he is - as he would say - feeling "a bit thick."  He is sitting by the river bank to await the first wagon across the pontoon on which a conductor will give him a lift.  In the meantime some good Samaritan is getting him a drink of water from the stream.