Fig. 1a. The Kaffirs and the Aldershot Traction Engine

Fig. 1. Cugnot’s Locomotive (1769), Elevation

Fig. 2. Cugnot’s Locomotive (1769), Plan

Fig. 3. Cugnot’s Locomotive (1769), Section of Front

Fig. 4. Cugnot’s Locomotive (1769), Transverse Section

Fig. 5. Symington's Steam Carriage (1786)

Fig. 6. Trethvick and Vivian's Engine (1802)

Fig. 7. Griffiths' Steam Coach (1821)

Fig. 8. Hancock's Steam Coach (1828)

Fig. 9. Cart fitted with Boydell's Endless Boils (1856)

Fig. 10. The Boydell Traction Engine as used in the Crimean War

Fig. 11. The Marquis of Stafford’s Steam Coach (1859)

Fig. 12. Fisher’s Steam Pleasure Wagon (American), 1859

Fig. 13. Maxim Gun mounted on a Four-wheel Cycle

Fig. 14. Dietrich ft Co.’s Automobile Freight Wagon

Fig. 15. Section of Fowler Traction Engine showing the Springs

Fig. 16. Section of Fowler Traction Engine showing the Springs (another view)

Fig. 17. Rood Traction Engine fitted with Crane

Fig. 18. Serpollet Steam Motor and Wagon

Fig. 19. Liquid Fuel Engineering Company’s Steam Wagon

Fig. 20. The Thomycroft Steam Wagon

Fig. 21. Train of ordinary Road Wagons drawn by Traction Engine

Fig. 22. Road Traction Engine fitted with Dynamo

Fig. 23. Fowler Traction Engine with Special Wagons

Fig. 24. Fowler Road Engine on Rails

Fig. 25. Wagon for use on Road or Rails

Fig, 26. Wagon for use on Road or Rails

Fig. 27. Wagon for use on Road or Rails

Fig. 28. Koppel’s Wire Drum Truck

Fig. 29. The Koppel Field Railway Electro-Motor Car

Fig. 30. Steam Ploughing Engine with Drum and Wire Rope

Fig. 31. Steam Ploughing Engine with Drum removed, for use as Traction Engine

Fig. 32. Traction Engine which can be converted into a Steam Roller

Fig. 33. Traction Engine used as a Steam Roller

Fig. 34. Fowler’s Deep-Trenching Plough

Fig. 35. Traction Engine as used in Australia

Fig. 36. Steam Ploughing on the Fowler Double Engine System

Fig. 37. Lord Roberts’s Armoured Road Train

Fig. 38. Winding the Limbers and Guns from a Hole

Fig. 39. Getting a Gun into an Armoured Truck

Fig. 40. Armoured Engine in a Ploughed Field

Fig. 40a. The Fowler Traction Engine for Lord Roberts’s Armoured

Fig. 41. Traction engine pulling down trees