The following pdfs have been generated from thew Cape of Good Hope Magisterial Reports of 1900.

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Introduction pdficon_large
Albert pdficon_large
Aliwal North pdficon_large
Barkly East pdficon_large
Barkly West pdficon_large
Cathcart pdficon_large
Colesberg pdficon_large
Gordonia pdficon_large
Hay pdficon_large
Herbert pdficon_large
Kuruman pdficon_large
Kimberley pdficon_large
Kenhardt pdficon_large
Molteno pdficon_large
Mafeking pdficon_large
Prieska pdficon_large
Tarka and Queen's Town pdficon_large
Taung pdficon_large
Vryburg pdficon_large
Wodehouse pdficon_large