The following PDFs have been generated from Lt Col P L Murray's 1911 'Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa'.

Individual file sizes vary between 100K and 2MB.

All the PDFs are searchable from the main site search function.

Introduction pdficon_large
New South Wales Lancers pdficon_large
Australian Medical Corps pdficon_large
A Squadron Mounted Rifles pdficon_large
New South Wales Infantry pdficon_large
First Australian Horse pdficon_large
A Battery, Royal Australian Artillery pdficon_large
First Mounted Rifles pdficon_large
Citizens' Bushmen pdficon_large
Imperial Bushmen pdficon_large
Second Mounted Rifles pdficon_large
Third Mounted Rifles pdficon_large
Third Imperial Bushmen pdficon_large
First Australian Commonwealth Horse pdficon_large
Fifth Australian Commonwealth Horse pdficon_large
Other information pdficon_large