Resolution of Orange Free State, September 27, 1899.

The Volksraad, having heard the second paragraph of His Honor's opening speech and the official documents and correspondence relating thereto which have been handed in, having regard to the strained state of affairs in South Africa which have arisen in consequence of the differences between the Governments of South African Republic and Her Britannic Majesty, which constitute a threatening danger for bringing about hostilities, the calamitous effect of which would be incalculable for all white inhabitants of South Africa, being bound to the South African Republic by the closest bonds of blood and alliance and standing in most friendly relations towards Her Majesty's Government, fearing that should a war break out a hatred would be generated between the European races in South Africa, which still in the far future will impede and restrain the peaceful development of all States and Colonies of South Africa, being sensible that serious obligations rest on the Volksraad to do all that is possible to prevent the shedding of blood, considering that in the course of negotiations with the British Government which have extended over several months, every endeavor has been made by the Government of the South African Republic at a peaceful settlement of the differences which have been brought forward by Uitlanders in the South African Republic and which have been adopted as its own cause by the Government of Her Majesty, which endeavors, unfortunately, have only had the result that British troops have been concentrated on the border of the South African Republic and are still continually being reinforced:

"Resolves to instruct the Government still further to do everything in its power to preserve and establish peace and to contribute by peaceful methods towards the solution of the existing differences, always provided that it can be brought about without injury to the honour and independence of this State or of the South African Republic, and wishes unmistakably to declare its opinion that there exists no cause for war and that if a war is now begun or occasioned by Her Majesty's Government against South African Republic, this would morally be a war against the whole of white population of South Africa and would in its results be calamitous and criminal; and further, that Orange Free State will honestly and faithfully observe its obligations towards South African Republic arising out of the political alliance between the two Republics, whatever may happen."


Sir Alfred Milner to President Steyn, October 11, 1899.

In view of resolution of Volksraad of Orange Free State communicated to me in Your Honour's telegram of 27th September, I have the honour to request that I may be informed at Your Honour's earliest possible convenience whether this action on the part of the South African Republic has Your Honour's concurrence and support.

President of Orange Free State to Sir Alfred Milner, October 11, 1899.

I have the honour to acknowledge Your Excellency's telegrams of this evening. The high-handed and unjustifiable policy and conduct of Her Majesty's Government in interfering in and dictating in the purely internal affairs of South African Republic, constituting a flagrant breach of the Convention of London, 1884, accompanied at first by preparations, and latterly followed by active commencement of hostilities against that Republic, which no friendly and well-intentioned efforts on our part could induce Her Majesty's Government to abandon, constitute such an undoubted and unjust attack on the independence of the South African Republic that no other course is left to this State than honourably to abide by its Conventional Agreements entered into with that Republic. On behalf of this Government, therefore, I beg to notify that, compelled thereto by the action of Her Majesty's Government, they intend to carry out the instructions of the Volksraad as set forth in the last part of the Resolution referred to by Your Excellency.