This page contains Volume I (From the foundation of Cape Colony to the Boer ultimatum of 9th Oct 1899) of Louis Creswicke's South Africa and the Transvaal War, published in 1900.  The contents are presented in PDF format.

Contents pdficon_large

Chapter I Growth of the Transvaal.  Some domestic traits.  The Boer character pdficon_large
Chapter II The Orange Free State.  The Grondwet.  Transvaal Dissensions.  Zulu disturbance.  The poilitcal web.  The web thickening.  The Zulu War.  Isandlwana.  Affairs at home.  Towards Ulundi.  The victory pdficon_large
Chapter III Sir Garnet Wolseley at Pretoria.  Gladstone out of office and in office.  Commencement of rebellion.  The fate of Captain Elliot.  Laing's Nek.  Ingogo.  Majuba.  The siege of Pretoria.  Retrocession.  The betrayed loyalists pdficon_large
Chapter IV The conventions.  Mr Kruger.  Germans and Uitlanders pdficon_large
Chapter V Mr Rhodes.  Rhodesia - uncivilised.  Rhodesia - civilised.  Gold.  Diamonds pdficon_large
Chapter VI The Transvaal of today.  Accumulated aggravations.  Monopolies and abuses.  The franchise.  The reform movement.  The critical moment.  The Raid.  After Doornkop.  The fate of the raiders.  The ultimatum pdficon_large
Appendix Conventions of 1881 and 1884 pdficon_large