At the commencement of the war the Kimberley Regiment has a strength of 352.


COLONEL KEKEWICH'S REPORT.—Lieutenant Colonel R A Finlayson, commanded his regiment and a section of defence with marked success; Major A O Black, commanded a section of defence and rendered good service; Captain and Adjutant E T Humphrys, performed his duties with great zeal and tact.  Surgeon Major J A J Smith, attached, rendered most valuable assistance to wounded in the field.  Sergeant S H MacCullum, is deserving of mention for good work.

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 2nd April 1901.—Lieutenant Colonel Finlayson, awarded CMG; Sergeant MacCullum.
4th September 1901.—Captain Humphrys.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCH: 8th July 1901.—Lance Corporal G R Mason, in action at Koffyfontein, on 3rd June, a man being wounded in an exposed position Mason went to his help and remained with him under fire until an ambulance fetched him.

LORD KITCHENER'S FINAL DESPATCH.—Major A O Black, Captain Sheckleton, Sergeant Instructor D K Macfarlane.

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