traitors during the Anglo Boer War

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4 years 1 month ago #8340 by werner.lotter
Hi All
As some might be aware a film about the so called "veraaiers"(TRAITORS)is at present on on circuit. This morning there was a discussion on the radio about the film in where a statement was made that these people were incocently executed and ostrasised during the war. As it is a part of war people do not always agree with everything and as it was i suppose one could have seen the war as a type of civil war between the inhabitants which supported the britsh and those supporting the Boers. As i understand the history of the time the war was conducted in two disctinct phases.
Phase1 a more conventional approach and
phase2 a Guerrilla type of approach

after the boers were defeated during the conventional phase all burgers were sent home and told to report again at a later stage minus all there wagons etc. Those that did not arrive back for the second phase of the war was considered as "hensoppers" or surrenderers. The movie i assume is about these people who i suppose can be considered in todays language as objectors to the cause. My question is the following, is there evidence that these peolpe were victimised or killed.

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4 years 1 month ago #8350 by QSAMIKE
Good Morning All.....

VERRAAIERS (Traitors) - Official Cinema Trailer on Youtube


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4 years 1 day ago #9331 by Fuzzybear

Yes, the evidence certainly exists. Point of departure would be the South African National Archives.

As it so happens, I have recently met a few "Bitter Einders", Afrikaners who believe their real struggle for self determination has yet to begin. Apparently, one of their first actions will be the murder of descendants of the Hensoppers and Veraaiiers. I have been led to believe that the job was not properly carried out after the war.

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