State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 08/12/1900, c. 12/06/1901
Number issued: 2


Gold medals/lockets, to:

08/12/1900 presentation

2nd Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

251 Private Simon William STRAHAN

Presentation made by Mr D.J. Duggan (Minister of Lands), in the Town Hall, Tarnagulla.

c. 12/06/1901 presentation

3rd Victorian (Bushmen's) Contingent –

531 Lance-Corporal Thomas Edward THOMSON

Presentation made by the Mayor (Mr Williams), at the Town Hall, Tarnagulla.


Melbourne Argus, 10/12/1900
Melbourne Argus, 14/06/1901
Melbourne Age, 14/06/1901
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