State: New South Wales, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 06/06/1902
Number issued: 1


Gold medal, suitably inscribed, to:

Machine Gun Section, 3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles –
2241 Gunner Henry Frederick BROWNE

Presentation made by Mr S.W. Smith, in the Union Hall, Williamtown.

Gunner Browne resided in Salt Ash.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 10/06/1902
Newcastle Morning Herald, 10th June 1902



Gunner H. BROWNE, of Salt Ash, was tendered a social at the Union Hall on his return from South Africa on Friday evening. As he entered the hall he was loudly cheered, and "Soldiers of the King" was sung by all present. Mr S.W. Smith, junr., presided, and stated that the function had been arranged by the public of Williamtown for the purpose of doing honour to their guest. The Australian soldiers by their presence in South Africa had done honour to Australia, and in like manner Gunner BROWNE had done honour to that district. He thought that the people of the district must rejoice with the rest of the nation at the news of peace, and admire the firm and honourable manner in which the British Government had prosecuted the war.

Mr W. Moxey also welcomed the young soldier, expressing his pleasure at seeing him back.

Messrs G. Moxey and J. Chesworth, also welcomed the young soldier.

The chairman then, on behalf of the young men of the district, presented Mr BROWNE with a gold medal suitably inscribed as a token of their appreciation of the services he had rendered to his country, as well also as a memento of the occasion of his return.

Gunner BROWNE, who was loudly applauded on rising, feelingly responded, thanking the friends and young men of Williamtown for their kindness shown him.

Mr G.W. Browne, senr., father of the returned soldier, also thanked the people for the honour they had done his son.

The following then contributed patriotic songs and recitations: – Mrs W. Sutton, Messrs Cameron, O. Barnes, H. Morris, and A. McLean, and a rendition of "My Native Land" was given by the school children of Williamtown. Games and dancing were then indulged in until midnight, when the social was brought to a close by all singing the National Anthem.
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