County: North Yorkshire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 12/11/1903
Number issued: 43


Silver medals, to:

King's Royal Rifle Corps –
Captain Alfred Digby LEGARD

2nd Lieutenant Francis Howard RAIKES (K.I.A., Wagon Hill, 06/01/1900 - medal presented to his family)

10th Hussars –

3612 Trooper Joseph WINTERBOTTOM

14th Hussars –

4087 Trooper Ernest MASON

19th Hussars –

4134 Shoeing-Smith George T. COOPER (K.I.A., Farquhar's Farm, 30/10/1899 - medal presented to his family)

17th Lancers –

5459 Trooper Alfred Robinson MACKLIN

3rd Bn. Grenadier Guards –

8115 Private James Hodgson YATES

2nd Bn. Scots Guards –

2730 Private Harry HUDSON

1st Bn. Yorkshire Regiment –
???? Lance-Corporal Edward JACKSON
2555 [2755] Private Thomas BROUGH
4800 Private William CARTER
3234 Private James Oliver CRAM (K.I.A., Paardeberg, 23/02/1900 - medal presented to his family)
???? Private George FLETCHER
4780 Private Charles FOSTER
5367 Private William WILSON

2050 Private John YEOMAN

2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment –
5010 Private Thomas CROSIER [Crozier] (K.I.A., Venters Spruit, 20/01/1900 [21/01/1900] - medal presented to his family)
5509 Private Thomas CROSS
5364 Private William Newton GASCOIGNE (K.I.A., Venters Spruit, 20/01/1900 - medal presented to his family)
2577 Private John RUSTON

2596 Private William C. WADDINGTON

2nd Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment –
6227 Private William BIDGOOD
3057 Private George CROSIER

???? Private Charles HARBY

66th (Yorkshire) Company, 3rd/16th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
22999 Farrier-Sergeant John William PAYLOR
12320 Trooper Thomas Edwin ALLEN
12309 Trooper Charles Pennington BENSON

32402 Trooper Walker NENDICK

11th (Yorkshire) Company, 3rd Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

27918 Trooper Harry BROADLEY

9th (Yorkshire) Company, 3rd Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
563 Farrier-Quartermaster-Sergeant Sidney Edward YORKE [York]
604 Trooper Albert Edward BOWMAN

26159 Trooper Harold MATTISON

32nd (Lancashire) Company, 2nd Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

28003 Trooper Ernest PORTEOUS

101st (Northumberland) Company, 5th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

28534 Trooper John NEWLAND [Newlands]

51st (Paget's Horse) Company, 12th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
27615 Lance-Corporal [Corporal] Joshua HARTLEY

27218 Trooper Valentine C.H. CAYLEY

Lovat's Scouts –

Dr [Civil Surgeon] Herbert HARTLEY

H.M.S. Forte –

173846 Able Seaman Tom JEWITT

"R" Battery, Royal Horse Artillery –

13186 Gunner Arthur BROADLEY

86th [82nd] Battery, Royal Field Artillery –

51107 Gunner Herbert KILVINGTON

Cape Police (District 1) –

2160 Trooper William SANDERSON

New South Wales Lancers –

???? Trooper Arthur E. WISE (no record found)

Royal Army Medical Corps –

???? Private Robert B. KING

Presentation made by Colonel J.D. Legard, in the Coronation Rooms, Norton.
Obverse with the badge of The East Yorkshire Regiment, and: "BOER WAR 1899-1902 / PRO PATRIA".


C.P. Benson example sold through City Coins, 19/10/2018. This is the example illustrated in Hibbard, when it did not appear to have any form of suspension (added since 1982?).
H. Kilvington example illustrated on
H. Hudson example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 10/10/1995, for £600 (with QSA, KSA & WWI Trio).
T. Cross example in the Constantine Collection (brooch mounted).

G. Crosier example in the Constantine Collection.



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Information provided by Paul Dunn
Constantine Collection
St Peter's, Norton - The War Memorials
Forum - Norton Church Memorial
Yorkshire Post, 13th November, 1903


Two events of permanent interest in the history of the little East Riding town of Norton, which adjoins Malton, took place yesterday, both having relation to the part which Norton men played in the South African war. They were respectively the presentation of medals to all the Norton men who served during the war and the unveiling of a memorial window in the south chapel of Norton Parish Church, placed there by Colonel J.D. Legard and Mrs Legard, as a thank-offering for the safe return of their son, Captain A.D. LEGARD, of the King’s Royal Rifles, and as a memorial to the men from Norton who fell in the war. The presentation of the medals took place in the Coronation Rooms. Colonel Legard presided, and presented the medals, being accompanied by the Bishop of Beverley, Captain A.D. LEGARD, the Rev. C.J. Chapman (vicar), Mr R.T.G. Abbott, Dr A. Hartley, and others. The Malton troop of the Yorkshire Hussars and the local Volunteers were also present. Colonel Legard explained that the medals had been subscribed for by the parishioners. He paid a tribute to the memory of the local men who fell in the war, five in number, and recalled with satisfaction the circumstances that Norton, with a population of less than four thousand, contributed no less than forty-four men, who took part in the war.

The medals were then presented.

The ceremony in the Parish Church took place later in the afternoon. The troops attended in uniform, and the building was crowded. The Bishop of Beverley was accompanied by the Vicar and his curate, and the Rev. F. Wilcox, of Malton. The dedicatory prayers were said by the Bishop, who preached an earnest and homely sermon, in which he enforced the great lesson of self-sacrifice.

The memorial window, which was designed by Mr C.E. Kempe, consists of three lights, the centre representing the Crucifixion, the other lights being filled with figures of Saints George, Oswald, Sebastian, Lawrence, and Stephen, above the figures being tracery work and the arms and crests of Colonel Legard’s and Mrs Legard’s families. Along the base of the window are the words: “For those who fell in war. For those who returned in peace. Thanks to Thee, O God”. On the right of the window is a tablet bearing the names of those who were killed, while a tablet on the left records the names of those who returned.
Hull Daily Mail, 13th November 1903



Th presentation of medals to the men of Norton (Malton) who fought in the South African war was publicly made on Thursday by Colonel J.D. Legard. Out of a population of about 4,000, Norton sent 44 men to the war. The presentation took place in the Coronation Hall. Some of the men were away with their regiments, but all who could attend were escorted to the hall by detachments of Yorkshire Hussars and Rifle Volunteers, the local band leading the way. Medals were also presented to the relatives of men who had fallen, five of the contingent having been killed in action. The first medal which Colonel Legard had the pleasure of handing over was to his own son, Captain A.D. LEGARD.

St Peter’s Church was afterwards filled by a large congregation, the Bishop of Beverley undertaking the duty of unveiling a stained glass window at the eastern end of the north chapel. It was designed by Mr C.E. Kempe, who also designed the fine east window in the nave, inserted only a few months ago, and given by his Honour Judge Raikes and Mrs Raikes in memory of their only son, Lieutenant F. Howard RAIKES, of the King’s Royal Rifles, who was killed at Waggon Hill, Ladysmith, in January, 1900. The window has been erected at the sole cost of Colonel J.D. and Mrs Legard, in part as a thanksgiving for the safe return of their son, Captain Alfred Digby LEGARD, of the King’s Royal Rifles, from the war, and partly to commemorate the services therein of many other “sons of Norton” who went out to South Africa. Tablets by the side of the window bore the names of the “sons of Norton” who returned in peace, and of those who died in war.
Leeds Mercury, 13th November 1903


There was quite a military display at Malton and Norton yesterday, on the occasion of the dedication of a memorial window at the parish church of St Peter, Norton, placed in the church by Colonel Legard in memory of those inhabitants of Norton who fell in the Boer War, and of those who safely returned, a total of 44 out of a population of less than 4,000 (Norton parish alone).

The local Yeomanry and Volunteers mustered for the occasion, and first marched headed by the White Star Band, from Malton to the Coronation Rooms, Norton, where Colonel Legard presented to each who had returned from the war, and to the representatives of each who fell, a silver medal, subscribed for by the inhabitants of Norton.

The dedication service was then held in St Peter’s Church, and was performed by the Bishop of Beverley. The Vicar (Rev. C.J. Chapman), and the Vicar of Malton (Rev. H.E. Gaussen), took part in the service.

The Bishop gave an appropriate address. There was a very large congregation, and the offertory was for the Church Building Fund.

The window is in the east wall of the south chancel of the church, and is by Kempe, of London.

On each side of the window is a tablet bearing the names of those who went from the little town to fight for their country – the one on the left of the window bearing the names of those who returned in safety, and the one on the right those who were killed.
Yorkshire Post, 13th November 1903
Colonel J.D. Legard yesterday presented medals to Norton men who served in the South African War. This event was followed by the unveiling of a window erected in Norton Parish Church by Colonel and Mrs Legard as a thank-offering for their son’s safe return from the war, and a memorial to Norton men who served in the campaign.
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