County: Cheshire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 05/08/1901, 21/09/1903
Number issued: c. 250 (?)


Cased bronze medals, to:

05/08/1901 presentation


22nd (Cheshire) Company, 2nd Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
Lieutenant W.F.E. MASSEY (absent)
1736 Farrier-Sergeant Samuel HENSHAW, Bostock Green
1774 Sergeant G. RAYNER, Marple, Stockport
1772 Lance-Sergeant Fred RIVETT, Heaton Chapel
1723 Corporal Charles EARLAM, Altrincham
1750 Corporal James KNOTT, Stockport
1715 Lance-Corporal George CROSS, Hulme Mills, near Knutsford
1732 Lance-Corporal Richard HULME, Middlewich
1757 Shoeing-Smith Leigh NEWTON, Knutsford
1721 Shoeing-Smith Edward PRITCHARD, Bickton Heath, near Shrewsbury (died, De Aar, 10/04/1900 - medal presented to his family)
1758 Bugler Gerald THURGOOD, Warrington
1916 Bugler Joseph McDONALD, Liverpool
1684 Private F.W. APPLEBEE, Liverpool
1685 Private Arthur ASHTON, Warrington
1697 Private Harry Seymour BAIRD, Knutsford
1913 Private Robert BARNES, Owen Street, Northwich
1698 Private Thomas BAXTER, Dutton Hall, Warrington
1690 Private John BRATT, Little Budworth,
1687 Private Walter BUCHANAN, Manchester
1695 Private Thomas BURGESS, Mobberley
1709 Private Alfred Amos CARRICK, 4 Willow Bank, Winsford (died, Draghoender, 13/05/1900 - medal presented to his family)
1713 Private Charles CAWLEY [Cowley], Moss Lodge, Hartford
1712 Private Robert CHARLTON, Redhill Hall
1707 Private J.E. CLARKE, Dunham Town
1706 Private John Kemp COOKE (absent)
1716 Private Fred DAVIES, c/o Mrs Brock, Lyndhurst, Northwich (died, Draghoender, 15/06/1900 - medal presented to his family)
1719 Private Fred DRINKWATER, Altrincham
9035 Private Reginald Orpen FURNIVAL, Batherton Hall, Nantwich (died? - medal presented to his family; however, service records show that he returned from S. Africa)
1717 Private Arthur HARLOW, Knutsford
1795 Private John HAWKSWORTH, Holmes Chapel
1734 Private Hugh Henry HEATLEY (absent)
1740 Private Frederick William HICKSON, Rudheath, Northwich
1735 Private John HOPE, Ollerton, near Knutsford
1741 Private Samuel S. HOWARTH, Knutsford
1733 Private Walter Dyson HUNTER, Shavington Lodge, Crewe
1747 Private George JONES, Knutsford
1746 Private John Pughes JONES, Northwich, sister, Miss J.R. Jones, 4 Well Street, Dolgelly (joined Cape Mounted Rifles; died - medal presented to his family)
1748 Private Alfred KINGMAN (absent)
1758 Private Edmund Herbert LORD, Knutsford
1751 Private William LAMBOURNE (absent)
1755 Private Thomas LIGHTFOOT
1704 Private William H. LISTER, 1232 Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester (died, Prieska South, 25/07/1900 - medal presented to his family)
9043 Private Horatio LLOYD, Holywell
1753 Private Jos Henry LOWERY, Winnington Cottage, Northwich
1759 Private Edwin Rayner McCLURE (E.F. McClure), Stockport
1762 Private J. MORRIS, Hartford
1793 Private Charles OWEN, Didsbury
1763 Private Herbert OWEN, Manchester
1766 Private Edward T. PHILBIN, Northwich
1764 Private Arthur H. PICKERING, Northwich
1767 Private Percy Frederick PRESTON, Hill Top Farm, Great Budworth, Northwich (K.I.A., Springfontein, 19/03/1901 - medal presented to his family)
1770 Private James Albert PRINSEP [Princepp], 20 Thewlis Street, Warrington
1792 Private Henry REDFERN, Wellington, Sallop
9040 Private Robert RICHARDSON, Holywell, Flintshire
1771 Private Herbert Perrott RIGBY, Winsford
1775 Private Arthur ROYLE, Altrincham
1783 Private Charlie Edgar SMETHURST, Cuddington
1781 Private Harry William SMETHURST, Kilworth, near Leicester
1778 Private Rowland STUBBS, Winsford
1789 Private George WHITELEGG [Whitelegge], Barn's Farm Lane, Warburton, near Warrington (died, Maitland, 12/12/1900 - medal presented to his family)
1742 Private Algernon WHITTINGHAM, Stapeley, Nantwich

9042 Private Edward Percy WILLIAMS, Holywell

and a further c. 63 absent yeomen

Volunteer Active Service Company, Cheshire Regiment –
7348 Private James William FORD, Northwich
7344 Private Edward LEATHER, Northwich
???? Private G. WALKER, Northwich
7336 Private Herbert WALKER (absent)

Presentation made by Colonel France-Hayhurst, on behalf of the Northwich War Relief Committee, at Bostock Hall, Northwich.

Note: The Manchester Courier (06/08/1901) gives a total of 125 recipients (all I.Y.). Only 62 yeomen are accounted for above, leaving a balance of 63.

Privates Baxter, Carrick, Cooke, Rigby & Stubbs each received a second medal from WINSFORD
21/09/1903 presentation
22nd (Cheshire) Company, 2nd Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

25387 Private S.S. TOMPKINSON

and other members of the second contingent
Army Nursing Service Reserve (No 13 General Hospital, Johannesburg; No 19 General Hospital, Pretoria) –
Army Nursing Sister L.A. COWLEY

Presentation made at Mr Whate's Cafe, Northwich.





Note: the 1903 medals retained the date "1900-1"

The Manchester Courier (06/08/1901) states that 125 men received medals on 05/08/1901, and that all of these were members of the 22nd (Cheshire) Company, Imperial Yeomanry. The list published in the Northwich Guardian (07/08/1901) only accounts for sixty recipients, three of whom were Volunteers. Presumably the remainder were unable to attend.

Reporting on the "belated" presentation of medals to the Second Contingent, on 21/09/1903, is scant in detail, without any indication of numbers distributed. It is tempting to assume that another c.125 medals were presented. However the proportion of first/second contingent extant medals - 10 to 1 - suggests that the 1903 batch may have been considerably smaller.


Davies and Hawksworth examples illustrated in Hibbard.
Davies example now in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (NAM. 1997-11-21)

Sister Cowley example in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (NAM. 1997-11-22)


Baxter example sold through City Coins, 19/10/2018. This is the example illustrated in Hern.
Cooke and Kingman examples in the Constantine Collection.
Tompkinson example in the Paul Dunn Collection.
Harlow example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 30/06/1994, for £220.
Sister Cowley example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 11/06/1996, for £400.
Kingman example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 01/12/2010, for £550.
Lieutenant Massey example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 05/07/2011, for £500.
Heatley example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 13/09/2011, for £580.
Lambourne example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 08/09/2015, for £1,200 (with QSA).

Preston example sold through Halls Fine Art Auctioneers, 29/08/2018, for £900 (with QSA & WWI pair).



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Northwich Guardian, 7th August 1901



A feature of the proceedings was the presentation to returned men of the 22nd Company Northwich Contingent of the Imperial Yeomanry, of the medals given by the town of Northwich as a memento of their valiant services. They were of bronze, and each was enclosed in a case. On one side appeared the recipient’s name, the arms of Northwich, and the words “Presented by the town of Northwich for meritorious service in South Africa 1900-1. 22nd Cheshire Company Imperial Yeomanry [&] Volunteers”, whilst on the reverse was a mounted Yeoman, and an Infantry soldier standing at attention.

Colonel France-Hayhurst had had a temporary grand stand specially erected for his party, and the men lined up in front of this.

The occupants of the stand were – Lieutenant General Colwell, C.B., and Mrs Colwell; Colonel and Mrs France-Hayhurst; Mr and Mrs Court; the Rev. T.W.H., Mrs and Miss France-Hayhurst; Mr, Mrs and Master Bather; Mr and Mrs E.S. Inman; Mrs and Miss Yates; and Mrs and Mrs Walter France-Hayhurst, whilst amongst those present were – The Rev. W.H. Binney, Mr W.H. Verdin, Mr G. Garfit, Mr and Mrs A. Reiss, Mr T.A. Beckett, and Mr F. Bettley-Cooke.

Colonel France-Hayhurst, prior to presenting the medals, said when he was approached ten days ago to present them, he thought just the same as he did that moment, and was that it would have been far better if they could possibly have secured the services of some general officer or staff officer, who had served with them, or at any rate seen service at the front. Unfortunately, however, the time was too short to enable him to obtain someone, consequently he had to ask them to accept the medals from him instead. First of all, he had on his own behalf, and on behalf of those present, and those from the towns concerned, to congratulate the men on their return home, he hoped safe and sound. (Hear, hear). It was 18 months ago since they volunteered to serve their then Quenn and country in the war, and he thought their action along with their fellow Volunteers had done much to stay conscription in this country. (Hear, hear). They volunteered at a very memorable and critical period in the war. During the time they were in South Africa they had not the luck to take part in any great battle or engagement, but they went through many privations, and suffered numerous hardships. (Hear, hear). Their neighbours and friends were now desirous of appreciating their services rendered to the country, and they had decided to present them each with a medal which had been specially struck for them. (Hear, hear). On one side were the arms of Northwich, and as many came from that neighbourhood it would prove a most interesting memento. They also bore their own names, and they would go to prove that during their absence at the front they were not forgotten. (Hear, hear). They had nobly done their duty, and he hoped and trusted they might live long and happily wherever they might reside. (Hear, hear).

Mr J. Arthur Cowley, clerk of the Norwich South African War Committee, then called out the names of the men, who each presented themselves before the Colonel and received their medal. They were as follows: – Farrier Sergeant HENSHAW, Bostock Green; Sergeant G. RAYNER, Marple, Stockport; Lance-Sergeant F. RIVETT, Heaton Chapel; Corporal C. EARLAM, Altrincham; Corporal KNOTT, Stockport; Bugler THURGOOD, Warrington; Bugler J. McDONALD, Liverpool; Pte. E.F. McCLURE, Stockport; Pte. F.W. APPLEBEE, Liverpool; Pte. ASHTON, Warrington; Pte. H.S. BAIRD, Knutsford; Pte. R. BARNES, Owen Street, Northwich; Pte. T. BAXTER, Dutton Hall, Warrington; Pte. J. BRATT, Little Budworth; Pte. BUCHANAN, Manchester; Pte. T. BURGESS, Mobberley; Pte. C. COWLEY, Moss Lodge, Hartford; Pte. R. CHARLTON, Redhill Hall; Pte. J.E. CLARKE, Dunham Town; Lance-Corporal G. CROSS, Hulme Mills, near Knutsford; Pte. DRINKWATER, Altrincham; Pte. A. HARLOW, Knutsford; Pte. J. HAWKSWORTH, Holmes Chapel; Pte. F.W. HICKSON, Rudheath, Northwich; Pte. J. HOPE, Ollerton, near Knutsford; Pte. S.S. HOWARTH, Knutsford; Pte. W.D. HUNTER, Shavington Lodge, Crewe; Lance-Corporal R. HULME, Middlewich; Pte. G. JONES, Knutsford; Pte. E.H. LORD, Knutsford; Pte. T. LIGHTFOOT, Pte. J.H. LOWERY, Winnington Cottage, Northwich; Pte. S.S.L. NEWTON, Knutsford; Pte. J. MORRIS, Hartford; Pte. C. OWEN, Didsbury; Pte. H. OWEN, Manchester; Pte. E.T. PHILBIN, Northwich; Pte. A. PICKERING, Northwich; Pte. J.A. PRINCEPP, 20 Thewlis Street, Warrington; Pte. H. REDFERN, Wellington, Salop; Pte. H.P. RIGBY, Winsford; Pte. A. ROYLE, Altrincham; Pte. C.E SMETHURST, Cuddington; Pte. H. SMETHURST, Kilworth, near Leicester; Pte. R. STUBBS, Winsford; Pte. A. WHITTINGHAM, Stapeley, Nantwich; Private E. WILLIAMS, Holywell; Private R. RICHARDSON, Holywell; Private H. LLOYD, Holywell; and Privates J. FORD, G. WALKER, and E. LEATHER, Northwich, men who served with the Volunteer Service Company, of the Cheshire Regiment.

The event, although to the majority a very pleasing one, had its fringe of sadness, as was only to be expected, and it was very touching to see the fathers and brothers of those who lost their lives at the front come up for the medals so dearly bought by their beloved ones. The names of those who now lie buried where they fell are – Pte. F. DAVIES, late c/o Mrs Brock, Lyndhurst, Northwich; Pte. A.A. CARRICK, 4 Willow Bank, Winsford; Pte. J.P. JONES (Northwich), sister, Miss J.R. Jones, 4 Well Street, Dolgelly; Pte. W.H. LISTER, 1232 Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester; Pte. E. PRITCHARD, Bickton Heath, near Shrewsbury; Pte. P.F. PRESTON, Hill Top Farm, Great Budworth, Northwich; Pte. G. WHITELEGGE, Barn’s Farm Lane, Warburton, near Warrington; and Pte. R. FURNIVAL, Batherton Hall, Nantwich. As the men advanced for their medals the Colonel individually congratulated them, and sympathised with the relatives of the deceased.

Mr C.J. Hughes said in the unavoidable absence of Mr J.W. Deakin, chairman of the Northwich South African Relief Committee, he desired to propose a cordial vote of thanks to Colonel France-Hayhurst. They were indebted to the Colonel for many things, and he felt sure the members of the combined Hospital Saturday Committees would feel ever grateful to him for affording them the opportunity of having such a gathering that day. (Hear, hear). As a result of his kindness some thousands of people had been enabled to spend a most enjoyable day, and those worthy institutions, the Victoria Infirmary, Northwich, and the Albert Infirmary, Winsford, would also benefit considerably. (Hear, hear). He had also performed a further act of kindness by presenting the medals to those men who had rendered their country such great service in the time of need. (Hear, hear). The medals he had handed to them were not presented in recognition od their services, but simply as a memento. (Hear, hear).
Northwich Guardian, 26th September 1903
An interesting function, although somewhat belated, was performed at Mr Whate’s café, Northwich, on Monday evening. It was the presentation of the Queen’s and town’s medals to the local members of the second detachment of the 22nd Company of the Imperial Yeomanry. Whatever opinions may be entertained concerning the conduct of the War Office, a subject so prominently before the public mind today, it cannot be gainsaid that Northwich and district responded nobly to the call for Volunteers in the time of need. Further, everyone must admit that those at home did not fail in their duty in looking after those left behind, the fund open for such a purpose being attended with a liberal response, through the energetic efforts of the War Committee and its officials, prominent among whom was the hon. secretary, Mr J. Arthur Cowley, with Mr J.W. Deakin, chairman, who at the time held the position of chief resident. The praises of these gentlemen were sounded at the gathering. Now that this happy ceremony has been concluded, it remains for the committee to consider the best means of disposing of the nice balance at the bankers. When the subject is taken in hand, at no distant date, there will doubtless be a number of schemes promulgated, and a worthy one approved.
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