Imperial Light Horse ALL


Colony: Natal, South Africa
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 00/00/1900
Number issued: ?


Gold brooches, each set with a diamond, to:

Nurses who served through the Siege of Ladysmith

Locally Employed –
Nursing Sister Amy Blake KEIGHLEY
Nursing Sister Sophie LEES
Nusing Sister Rose SHAPPERE

Nursing Sister Ellena Philipson STOW

Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service (Reserve) –

593 Nursing Sister Eugenia LUDLOW

and other unnamed nurses
Obverse: "Ladysmith / 1900".
Reverse (for example): "A.B. Keighley".

A gift from officers of the Imperial Light Horse.

Rose Shappere apparently received her brooch from Lady White (Sydney Evening News, 20/02/1901).


Keighley example sold through Spink, 20/10/1999, for £1,600.
Stow example sold through City Coins, Cape Town, Dec 2004, for R26,000 (£2,220)

Keighley exampe sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 26/03/2009, for £1,800


Sydney Evening News, 20/02/1901
Diamond Fields Advertiser, 01/04/1902
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City Coins, Cape Town, Dec 2004
Dix Noonan Webb, 26/03/2009
Information provided by Paul Dunn
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