State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 24/05/1901, 00/07/1901, 00/08/1901
Number issued: 4


Gold chains & medals/pendants, to:

24/05/1901 presentation

2nd Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

349 Sergeant Andrew WILSON

Presentation made by Lieutenant Avenel A. Rogers, on behalf of comrades in the Horsham Section, "C" Company, Victorian Rangers, at the Criterion Hotel.

July 1901 presentation

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –
350 Corporal Harry EDE
393 Private [Gunner] James JUDE

August 1901 presentation (gold watch)

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –

186 Trooper Alfred COCKROFT

Cockroft received a gold watch from the Noradjuha Rifle Club.



Melbourne Argus, 25/05/1901
Horsham Times, 23/07/1901
Melbourne Argus, 05/08/1901
Adelaide Observer, 10/08/1901
Melbourne Argus, 25th May 1901


At the Criterion Hotel tonight, Sergeant (to which rank he was promoted from corporal whilst on service) A. WILSON, of the Second Victorian Contingent, and Trooper JENKINS, of the Victorian Bushmen's Regiment, were welcomed by their old comrades of the Horsham section C Company, Victorian Rangers, and townspeople, and were entertained at a smoke night. The health of the guests was drunk with great enthusiasm, and Sergeant WILSON was presented with a gold chain and pendant, the presentation (from the Rangers) being made by Lieutenant Avenel A. Rogers, commanding the section. The toast of "Our Comrades" (Privates SEARLE, BOLTON, MULLER, and BOLWELL), still at the front, was drunk with cordiality.
Horsham Times, 23rd July 1901
The mayor, Mr Arnott, J.P., is making arrangements for the welcome home of returned soldiers hailing from Horsham and district who have served in South Africa. It is proposed to hold a monster welcome demonstration in the Mechanics' Hall and to present each soldier with a gold medal. Gunner JUDE returned to Horsham on Thursday and Corporal Harry EDE on Friday. Both are well and apparently none the worse for their experiences and moving adventures. A number of war mementoes and South African curios brought home by Corporal EDE are on view at J. Langlands and Co's store.
Melbourne Argus, 5th August 1901


Trooper Alfred W. COCKROFT, of Nurrabiel, of the Fifth Victorian Contingent, returned from service in South Africa, was entertained at a welcome social representative of the entire district, in the Mechanics' Institute, on Wednesday evening. The members of the Noradjuha Rifle Club and Noradjuha Band were present, and took part, much enthusiasm being shown. Mr W.J. Treadwell, captain of the rifle club presided and presented Trooper COCKROFT with a gold watch.
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