State: New South Wales, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: Bef. 16/11/1901
Number issued: 1


Gold medal, suitably inscribed, and illuminated address, to:

"B" Squadron, 1st New South Wales Mounted Rifles –
399 Sergeant George A.D. SIMPSON

Subscribed for by employees of Hillgrove Proprietary Mines, Ltd.

Posted to Simpson, who was on furlough in England.

The address was "procured" in July.



Sydney Daily Telegraph, 31/07/1901
Armidale Chronicle, 16/11/1901
Sydney Daily Telegraph, 31st July 1901
HILLGROVE, Monday. — The employees of Hillgrove Proprietary Mines have procured a handsome illuminated address for their old comrade, Trooper SIMPSON, as a token of admiration of his career in South Africa.
Armidale Chronicle, 16th November 1901
Mr G.A.D. SIMPSON, who left here with the first Hillgrove contingent for service in South Africa, is at present on furlough in England. In a letter received this week by Mr H.M. Porter, he desires to thank the employees of the Hillgrove Proprietary Mines, Ltd., For the splendid illuminated address and inscribed gold medal, forwarded to him by the employees, through Mr Porter. He is having a real good time in England, and hopes, in the near future, to be once more amongst his friends at Hillgrove. Since he left here as full Private, he has worked himself up to the rank of Sergeant.
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