State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 17/08/1901
Number issued: 1


Gold medal, "of unique design", to:

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –
94 Private Laurence Joseph O'REILLY
Presentation made by Councillor G. Perrott, at the Westernport Hotel.



Mornington Standard, 22/08/1901
Mornington Standard, 22nd August 1901

A very pleasant evening was spent on Saturday evening at Westeroport Hotel when Mr L. O'REILLY was presented with a gold medal of unique design to commemorate his return from South Africa. Councillor G. Perrott occupied the chair, and in presenting the medal on behalf of the citizens of Hastings remarked that the signal service of the Australian soldiers in South Africa deserves the highest recognition of the Australian people, and be felt extreme pleasure in presenting this medal to Trooper O'REILLY as complimentary to the feelings that prompted its presentation. As Mr O'REILLY purposed to immediately return to the theatre of his recent actions he wished to convey to him the general desire of the people of Hastings that he would again return in safety. He most sincerely wished him God-speed.

Mr O'REILLY responded briefly, and expressed himself as highly gratified that his actions and conduct in South Africa met with such manifest approval as evidenced in the residents of Hastings making him such a handsome present. He hoped that the reminiscences of the esteemed friends he was leaving behind would actuate him to worthily fill whatever post to which his duty called him. Music, songs, and recitations were rendered throughout the evening by volunteers from those present, and Mrs Drew came in for special appreciation for the notable manner in which she acted as pianist.

In passing a vote of thanks to the chairman he was congratulated in being elected for the third time unopposed, a circumstance which proved the satisfactory manner in which he performed his municipal duties.
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