Landed at Durban on 1st January 1900.  The brigade division was the 19th, 28th, and 63rd, and it was attached to the Vth Division under Sir Charles Warren.  Engaged at Venter's Spruit and Spion Kop, 19th to 24th January 1900.  On some of these days was on the extreme left with Hildyard.  Was at Vaal Krantz in the beginning of February, Lieutenant Colonel A J Montgomery, the commander of the brigade division, being severely wounded in that conflict.  Was afterwards at Colenso and Pieter's Hill (see 2nd Queen's, Royal West Surrey).  The 19th Battery along with 61st (Howitzer) Battery and 4th Mountain Battery were made corps troops after Vaal Krantz.  After Ladysmith was relieved the 19th formed part of the Drakensberg defence force acting from about Ladysmith, and in August 1900 moved up to Newcastle, where it remained a considerable time, and in 1901 did some column work in the Transvaal.  In General Buller's final despatch of 9th November he mentioned 1 officer, and said "the battery was a good one".

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