Mentioned in General Sir Redvers Buller's Despatches of March 30th, 1900, after the Relief of Ladysmith.
"Capt. P. Scott, C.B., H.M.S. Terrible, has discharged the difficult duties of Commandant of Durban with the greatest tact and ability, and has been most helpful in every way.
"Capt. E. P. Jones, H.M.S. Forte, as Senior Officer of the Naval Brigade he has earned my most heartfelt thanks. The assistance they have rendered to me has been invaluable ; the spirit of their leader was reflected in the men, and at any time, day or night, they were always ready, and their work was excellent. (C.B. conferred afterwards.)
"Com. A. H. Limpus and Lieut. F. C. A. Ogilvy, H.M.S. Terrible, and Lieut. H. W. James, H.M.S. Tartar:—These three officers were indefatigable. There never was a moment in the day that they were not working hard and well to advance the work in hand. (Each officer afterwards promoted.)
"Lieut. N. W. Chiazzari, Natal Naval Volunteers, was in charge of a detachment who were associated with the Naval Brigade, and took their full share of the good work done by the Naval Brigade. (D.S.O. conferred afterwards. )
"Lieut. C. P. Hunt, H.M.S. Forte. (Promoted Commander and received D.S.O.)
"Lieut. C. R. N. Burne, H.M.S. Philomel. (Promoted Commander.)
"Staff-Surg. F. J. Lilly, H.M.S. Forte. (Promoted Fleet Surgeon.)
"Surg. C. C. Macmillan, H.M.S. Terrible. (Received D.S.O.)
"Surg. E. C. Lomas, H.M.S. Terrible. (Promoted Staff-Surgeon and received D.S.O.)
"Acting-Gnr. J. Wright, H.M.S. Terrible. (Received Conspicuous Service Cross.)
"Midshipman R. B. Hutchinson, H.M.S. Terrible. (Received Conspicuous Service Cross.)
"Midshipman H. S. Boldero, H.M.S. Terrible.
"Midshipman G. L. Hodson, H.M.S. Terrible.
"Clerk W. T. Hollins, H.M.S. Philomel.
"Master-at-Arms G. Crowe, H.M.S. Terrible.
"Chief Petty Officer T. Baldwin, H.M.S. Terrible.
"Chief Petty Officer W. Bate, H.M.S. Terrible.
"Chief Petty Officer B. Stephens, H.M.S. Terrible.
"1st Class Petty Officer P. Cashman, H.M.S. Philomel.
"Armourer Ellis, H.M.S. Terrible.
"2nd Class Petty Officer C. Challoner, H.M.S. Terrible. (Promoted Petty Officer, 1st Class.)
"2nd Class Petty Officer J. J. Frennett, H.M.S. Philomel.
"A.B. F. Moore, H.M.S. Forte."


Mentioned in Admiral Sir Edward Seymour's Despatches for Service at Tientsin—North China War.

"Lieut. John E. Drummond. (Already promoted Commander.)
"Mr. Joseph Wright, Gunner."

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