Michael Davitt
Commandant-General Piet J. Joubert
Teachers' conference of the South African Republic, held at Pretoria, July, 1897
The Palace of Justice, Pretoria
President and Mrs. Kruger in their cottage in Pretoria, April, 1900
The Executive Council of the South African Republic
President Kruger and his great-grandchildren, Annie Eloff and Gerald Eloff
Mrs. Kruger hearing from her grand-daughter, Miss Nettie Eloff, the latest news from the front
S. J. Paulus Kruger, President of the South African Republic
President Kruger at Pretoria
The Boer meeting at Paardekraal, at which it was decided to stand firm against England
Dr. Willem Johannes Leyds
M. T. Steyn, President of the Orange Free State
F. W. Reitz, State Secretary of SouTn African Republic
President Steyn at Bloemfontein
A Maxim-Nordenfelt and its service
Commandant Trichardt, head of the Transvaal artillery
A " Long Tom " and its service
Johannesburg Uitlanders, fleeing from the expected war, fighting for seats in open trucks
The Johannesburg Police leaving for the front, October 26, 1899
Three generations of fighting Boers
Military attaches of the Boer army
The Boer commando guarding Van Reenan's Pass
Detachment of Boers guarding a pass
Free State commandants
General Jacob Hercules De la Rey
General Snyman
The first shots of the war — Firing on the armored train at Kraaipan
The armored train captured at Kraaipan
Mountain guns captured at Kraaipan manned by Staats artillery
Commandant Erasmus
General Meyer
General Lukas Meyer at Talana Hill
Boer scouts with captured British mountain gun
Beady for the enemy
General Kock and his commando which fought at Elandslaagte, October 20. 1890
The German corps—Battle of Elandslaagte
The battlefield of Elandslaagte
General Joubert at mess
Nicholson's Nek, 'scene of De Wet's first victory
British soldiers captured at Nicholson's Nek arriving in Pretoria
Commandant-General Louis Botha
General Louis Botha and wife
General Christian De Wet
Mrs. Christian De Wet and children
General Schalk Burger's commando
" The Black Watch " at Mafeking
Boer " Long Tom " outside of Mafeking
Boer commandoes besieging Kimberley, November, 1899
General P. A. Cronje
A group of Boer fighters
Cronje and lieutenants around one of the Creusot guns
Shooting back the British
General E. B. Grobler
Service of the solitary Boer gun at Stormberg victory
John Hendrik Ollivier
Louis Botha
Winston Churchill, with other prisoners of war, at Pretoria
School building at Pretoria, where British prisoners were kept
Funeral of Commandant-General Piet Joubert, in Pretoria
Boer trench near the Bridle Drift—Battle of Colenso
Battle of Colenso, December 15, 1899—Position of the Boer center
Battle of Colenso, December 15, 1899
Langwani Hill—Battle of Colenso
Boer patrol, Colenso, December, 1899
Adjutant Robert Emmet
The Boer " Pom-Pom " which did such execution at Colenso, called " Hell-Fire " by English Tommies
The British guns, captured at Colenso, arriving at Pretoria station
Ferry across the Tugela River
Boer Howitzer shelling Ladysmith
Colonel Villebois-Mareuil and Baron van Dedem
Pretoria town burghers at the front
Colonel Villebois-Mareuil
General Kolbe and Colonel Maximoff
M. Leon Grunberg
Colonel John Franklin Blake
"Irish Willie"
Blake's Irish Brigade at Ladysmith
Colonel Arthur Lynch and Captain Oates
Colonel Lynch's (the Second Irish) Brigade
The Chicago Irish-American Volunteers
The Hollander Corps leaving Pretoria for the front
Adjutant J. C. Sandberg
Spion Kop
The northeast side of Spion Kop, up which the Boers charged and a group of heroes of the fight
British firing on Boers at Spion Kop
A Boer commando below Spion Kop after the battle
British dead on Spion Kop
After the battle of Spion Kop
Commandant Ben Viljoen and staff
Viljoen's commando defending Vaal Krantz
Pieter's Hill
General Tobias Smuts
The Boer " Long Tom " in retreat from Ladysmith
Boer Council of War near Bloemfontein
Members of General Philip Botha's camp, Osspruit, Easter, 1900 406 A typical Boer camp
The Volksraad building, Pretoria
A group of leaders at the beginning of the war
Near the Pretoria railway station
Boer battery outside Mafeking
Captain Daanie Theron, the great Boer scout
General Schalk Burger
General Louis Botha
Judge (now Commandant) Hertzog, who led second invasion of Cape Colony
General Christian De Wet and staff
Commandant (late Attorney-General) Smuts
General Philip Botha and staff
"On Guard"
Commandant Kritzinger
"Unarmed" natives


Southwestern TransvaaL
Upper Natal
Northeastern Cape Colony
Modder and Riet Rivers, Orange Free State
Central Orange Free State
South Middle Transvaal
South Africa

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