Being side-lights on the Boer Campaign 1899 - 1902

By Major C R Crum, 1st King's Royal Rifles

Macmillan and Bowes, Cambridge, 1903


PART I - Talana and Dundee Hospital
PART II - Departure from Dundee Hospital—Prison—Release—Pretoria
PART III - From Release, June 5th, 1900, to Rejoining Regiment, October 4th, 1900
PART IV - With General Lyttleton—Olifants River—Attack on Commander-in-Chiefs Train —October 9th, 1900, to February 1st, 1901
PART V - Colonel Campbell's Column—February 1st to April 27th, 1901
PART VI - Lydenburg, April 28th to October 12th, 1901
PART VII - Diary of Trek—Colonel Benson's Column—October 19th, 1901
PART VIII - Colonel Mackenzie's Column

List of Men who served throughout with the Company
List of Casualties


The following pages have been printed from my diary, and from letters written home during the War in South Africa.  I shall be pleased if they are found in any way interesting to friends, nothwithstanding the great number of accounts which have already appeared.

Malta, Jan 1903

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