Imperial Military Staff

VC Gen. Rt. Hon. Sir Redvers Buller, G.C.B., General Officer Commanding in Natal.

Colonel Hon. F. H. W. Stopford, Secretary.

Major-General Sir A. Hunter, Chief of Staff.

Lieut -General Sir C F. Clery, 2nd Division.

Major-General H. J T. Hildyard, 2nd Brigade.

Major-General C. Cooper, 4th Brigade.

Lieut.-Gen Hon. N. Lyttleton, 4th Division.

Major-General F. Kitchener, 7th Brigade.

Major-General F. Howard, 8th Brigade.

Lieut.-Gen. Sir Charles Warren, 5th Division.

Major-General J. T. Coke, 10th Brigade.

Major-Gen. Sir E. R. P. Woodgate, 11th Brigade.

Major-General A. S. Wynne, 11th Brigade.

Major-General C. E. Knox, 13th Brigade.

Lieut-General French, Cavalry Division.

Major-Gen. Lord Dundonald, 3rd Mounted Brig.

Lieut-General Sir A. Hunter, 10th Division.

Major-General A. FitzRoy Hart, 5th Brigade.

Major-General G. Barton, 6th Brigade.


VC Lieut.-Gen. Sir George White, Ladysmith.

Colonel B. Duff, Assistant Military Secretary.

Colonel Ian Hamilton, Chief of the Staff.

Colonel W. F. N. Noel, O C. Royal Engineers.

Colonel E. W. D. Ward, Assist. Adjt -General.

Colonel R. Exham, Principal Medical Officer.

Major-Gen. Brocklehurst, 3rd Cavalry Brigade.


Lieut.-General Sir W. Penn Symons, Talana.

Major-General Yule, Dundee Column.


Major-Gen. Sir Wolfe Murray, GOC, L of C.

Colonel R. Stevenson, Inspector of Remounts.

Major R. B. Gaisfoird, Commandant, Maritzburg.

Col. R. H. Martin, CB, Commandant, Maritzburg.

Colonel E. C. Bethune, Commandant, Durban.

Capt. Percy Scott, R.N., CB, Commandant, Durban.

Colonel A. W. Morris, Commandant, Durban.

Natal Volunteer Staff

Hon. Sir Walter F. Hely-Hutchinson, G.C.M.G., Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
Colonel Sir Albert Henry Hime, K.C.M.G., Premier and Minister of Defence.


Colonel W. Royston L, Commandant, D April 6.

Brig-Gen. J. G. Dartnell, L. Commandant.

Lieut-Col. H. T. Bru-de-Wold, Chief of Staff, w.

Major H. Lugg, District Adjutant.

Major A. T. G. Wales, District Adjutant, L, w.

Major W. Molyneux, District Adjutant, commandant Town Guard, Ladysmith.

Lieutenant P. A. Silburn, District Adjutant.

Rev. (Major) G. E. Pennington L, Hon.Chaplain.

Captain F. J. Choles, Oidnance Store Officer.

J. Hollaghan, Assistant Colonial Armourer.


Master-Gunner C. Hall, N.N.V.

Reg.-Sgt. Major B. M. Bowen, N.C., L, d Mar. 28.

Reg.-Sergt. Major W. Birkenshaw. N C, May 4.

Reg.-Sergt. Major G. P. Parry, N.M R.

Reg.-Sergt. Major C. McKenzie, B.M.R.

Reg.-Sergt. Major R. Ferguson, U.M.R.

Reg.-Sergt. Major J. W. Field, N.F.A.

Reg.-Sergt. Major J. J. Walsh. N.R.R.

Reg.-Sergt. Major A. Forbes, D.L.I.

S. R. Laurenson, Staff Clerk.


Major J. Hyslop, Principal Medical Officer, Volunteer Medical Corps, L.

Major H. Watkins-Pitchford, Principal Veterinary Officer, Volunteer Veterinary Corps, L.

Capt. F. S. Tatham, Volunteer Reserves, L.

Capt. J. Dick, Durban Fight Infantry.

Capt. Geo. Geddie, Vol. Transport Corps, SS, L.

Capt. A. Prior, Quartermaster, Reserves, L.

Lieut. C. V. Hosken, SS, V.T.C., L.

Lieut. C. F. Dodd, SS, V.T.C.

Lieut. J.H. Lang-Sims, SS, Qr.-Mr. resign. Jan.30.

Lieut. E. K. Whitehead, SS, Signalling Corps, L..

Lieut. T. M. Owen, Paymaster, Volunteer Force.


Colour-Sergt. D. W. Wills, Clerk and Reserve.

Sergt. J. Collins, Armourer-Sergeant.


Natal Mercury: A. Milligan, W. Cox, W. A. Squire.
Times of Natal: D. S. Howie, Jackson Mitchell. Natal Witness: R. W. Reid, G. Adamson, J. J. McMenamin.
Natal Advertiser: R. D. Young.
Other Natal Colonists who acted as War Corespondents were Mr. Ramsay Collins and Mr. J. G. Maydon for the Daily News,. and Mr. James Gumming for the Daily Telegraph.

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