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Lost their guns on the Ismore.  Was refitted and joined Buller in Natal in time to take part in the operations about Spion Kop and Vaal Krantz and in the final relief actions.  One officer was mentioned in General Buller's despatch of 30th March 1900.  The battery accompanied that general in his northward movement to the south of the Transvaal, and a section went with General Clery to Heidelberg.  In General Buller's final despatch 2 officers were mentioned.  Towards the close of 1900 and in 1901 the battery was employed about the Standerton line, and four guns accompanied the column of Colonel Colville which operated on that line and in the north-east of the Orange River Colony.  Referring to an action near Vlakfontein, Lord Kitchener in his telegram of 22nd December 1900 said, "Colonel Colville attributes the small loss to the excellent shooting of the 63rd Battery and the skilful leading of Lieutenant Jarvis, 13th Hussars, and Captain Talbot and Lieutenant White of the Rifle Brigade".

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AddisonJSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AinsburySSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AishJSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AllpressH SSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AndersonRSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AngooeCSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AngoveCSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
ArmstrongJSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AshJSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AtkinsHSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
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