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Newcastle is located in northern Natal, not far from Dundee.

A Town Guard was raised after the initial invasion of the Natal by the Boers.  The QSA medal roll in WO100/284 says 243 medals were issued to the unit.  The actual roll list slighytly more than this.  All the QSAs were issued without clasp. 

Quite a few QSAs were returned to Woolwich on 16 Feb 1914 making the QSAs awarded to the Newcastle TG around 172.

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 Surname   Forename/inits   Regimental no   Rank   Notes 
AdamA APrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
AlisonF W PrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
AlisonGPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
AlkinTPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
AndersonHPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
AndersonJPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
AngusJPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
ApplebyH WPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
ArmstrongW EPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
ArnoldR GPrivateQSA (0)
Source: WO100/284
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